MK Ultra What It Really Is


21 school shootings in 19 weeks in the United States. Robots are being introduced to the working world, taking the jobs of humans. Abortions on demand, sexually confused children, same sex marriage….mk ultra mind control. Why does this sound the population is coming to 0. And who is behind this? Ask the shadow government, CIA, hospitals, mental institutions and intelligence communities.,YAHUVEH has prophesied through Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu that the Spirit of Insanity has been loosed in this world. This precursor to the wrath of YAHUVEH, YAHSUHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit), falling down on this wicked world. ,Please watch and listen to this Prophetic Dream given to Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu to find out more. Also check out our other videos to know more about Amightywind Ministry and all the Prophetic Messages that have been spoken for these end times.: , – Two Anointings Become One, – When GOD Removes a Soulmate, – Heaven Rejoices Over New Leadership, – Judah And Ephraim come together, – Bone Of My Bone, Flesh and My Flesh, – Prophecy About Prophet Ezra ‘Caleb’ Coming Forth, – Dedication of Love from Elisheva to Ezra

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