PROPHECY Answer Your Phone! _RED ALERT_


– Mirrored video ,2013 PROPHECY TO WORLD! URGENT CALL TO REPENT from GOD did you hear Supernatural Telephone Ring 8 times in spiritual realm? URGENT REPENT of your Sins or burn in Hell! Watch this and if you don’t feel convicted or shed a tear,are you really saved? Faith without works is Dead, stop living unholy! The Great Tribulation is nearer than you think! Bible says we all must work out our salvation with fear and trembling! ,YAHUSHUA/YAHSHUA/JESUS CHRIST did not sacrifice HIS life to be mocked by people who say “sin all you want, no one goes to hell, there is no hell, or hell is not eternal. Another lie enemies of AmightyWind Ministries say; “it is not about what you do it is about what He did” Lies sent from satan! This is the spirit of lawlessness, the same spirit of Anti Christ Oprah Winfrey uses to speak in her gospel of Oprah Winfrey saying “no such thing as sin,devil, theres many paths to Heaven don’t worry about sin,just read the book “The Secret” have what you imagine!” Lies! Run from anyone who claims they love GOD teach these lies! All enemies who accuse Apostle/Prophet/Pastor Elisabeth Elijah being evil, verbally insult, humiliate, slander, libel, abuse say she is just a false prophet a woman speaking words of flesh and evil. ,She replies,”They prove they are evil used of satan on Internet, I could never speak forth such beautiful anointed words, full of Wisdom, conviction, tears poured down my cheeks entire time I listen to this video. No pen or paper used to write GODS message like poetry from Heaven. YAHUSHUA spoke thru me, words flowed forth from my mouth like living water.To all enemies who say “this is only words of your flesh,no one needs Prophets we have Bible, call me false Prophet, are saying in the flesh I am capable of speaking forth words revealing future, See and Proof behind the Prophesies.YAH does shares HIS secrets with Prophets. No words of flesh can change peoples hearts,bring them to repentance and change their lives where they determine to live Holy,love,serve, obey, worship 1st in,their life, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH YAHUSHUA/YAHSHUA/JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH HA KODESH. Only anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT RUACH HA KODESH draws souls to YAHUSHUA and convicts us of our sins and only People walking Holy filled with the HOLY SPIRIT obeying GOD does this.,This is the first Amightywind Prophecy released in months. Though there have been many messages given through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, GOD has not given permission to release them, because this Word was to be Prophecy “119”. The number is significant because the year is 2011; 911 is an emergency number (in the USA); 9/11 was the worst attack on America in modern history; the High Holy Days (starting w/Rosh Ha Shana) nearly always fall in the month of September, 9th month on the Gre. Calendar. Much is to be expected this year. Biblically, 9 is the number of deliverance and 11 identifies disorder as in the Great Tribulation, when the Two Witnesses will be active (Rev 11).

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