Sherry Shriner’s false Dec 25th 2012 Prophecy exposed!

0,This video exposes how Sherry Shriner covers herself up from being a false prophet. This crafty agent of satan falsely predicts that the antichrist will arrive on the 25th of Dec. 2012! (Mayan Calendar connection Dec. 21st) Sherry Shriner puts out newsletters to fear monger and instil panic and confusion within GOD’s people, telling them they had better arm themselves with her “orgone water” against the aliens that will pop up by the end of this month also (according to her “prophecies”). We expose this false prophet Sherry Shriner and her utter blasphemous, unbiblical and insane claims! December 25th will pass by and none of those things will come to pass, she knows this. Sherry Shriner deceives the people so they frantically buy her demonic device known as “orgone” and tells them to mass plant this garbage all over the world “as protection against the aliens”. She says “prayer is the hard way, planting her orgone is the easy way to be protected”. This is BLASPHEMY! Only the Name and The Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is your protection against satan and his hosts of fallen angels and demonic aliens when they come. Sherry Shriner is insane. She says that the giants and aliens, together with the Chinese in the U.S. that have been hidden in “DUMBS” will come out to rape, eat and kill everyone they can. Sherry Shriner is putting the Chinese people in the same category as aliens, can you believe this insanity? Please do not fall prey to the deceptions of this alien on the internet. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH have repeatedly exposed Sherry Shriner as being the alien/reptilian on the internet, in the Prophecies spoken through Apostle/Prophet Elisabeth Elijah.,Prophecy 92 & 93 are just 2 examples:,,,Please watch the below video also that exposes Sherry Shriner’s orgone for the demonic device it is:,DO NOT BUY SHERRY SHRINER’S ORGONE!!! – alien on the internet:,* * *,BE BLESSED WITH THE TRUTH IN YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’s NAME!,YAHSservant777 aka yahsservant007 from AmightyWind Ministry

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