uploaded by YAHUSHUASFIRE from a video from Exposetheevil007 of Prophecy 73 given to Apostle and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah from YAHUVEH GOD CREATOR OF ALL CREATION,please visit http://amightywind.com,Prophecy 73 is a very potent prophetic word from Heaven warning and explaining thoroughly the deception of satan’s false rapture also referred to as the counterfeit blue beam rapture.,Here are the Prophecy 73 excerpts from the video below along with the link http://amightywind.com/prophecy/proph73.htm,Now I give a new warning to you. For those that believe in the coming of YAHUSHUA again, you use the word rapture, the catching away of MY faithful Women and Men and Children. I warn you now, BEWARE MY Children of a COUNTERFEIT RAPTURE devised by those you trust. When they say ” Jesus is here,” when they say, “Jesus is there, come and meet us there.” (Matt 24:23-24) Beware MY Children of the HOLOGRAM in the sky, that will be satan coming in disguise. For new weapons shall mow you down. For those who do not listen, for those who do not know, they will be evaporated, they will be nothing more than smoke. For you need not go anywhere for YAHUSHUA to come, MY Son will come where you are.,Beware MY Children of the BLUE BEAM RAPTURE , which is no rapture, for it is evil being caught away, when they thought they were coming to behold the face of Jesus. I allowed them to be deceived, for if you were truly hearing from ME you would know your word, you would know even the very elect would be deceived. This is the plan, this is the plot of the enemy, just to show you what evil is. Not all who gather will be evil, some just haven’t heard the warnings, some don’t know how to hear MY voice, so I tell you to warn them. For MY Son doth come but the devil tries to go before, so warn them. Test the Spirit that speaks.,Yes, it is true that the dead in the MESSIAH shall arise, and you which remain will be caught up in the air to meet MY Son but the devil goes before. Be warned those with ears, listen, those with spiritual eyes, see, so you will not be fooled when this counterfeit tries to appear before thee. When your own politicians around the world look up to the sky and say, “There is a greater God coming than I,” they will see apparitions; yes they will say they see space ships. It will make your news. An alien will even be interviewed. Remember MY Children whence this comes, satan goes before MY Son.,Satan mocks me in all ways, the greatest mockery is trying to steal MY true Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect away. Hell overflows and the signs shall come forth from the lava that shall spew forth from various parts of this world. The earth quakes and shakes at MY wrath, at the approaching of MY true Son for MY Bride doth know the Bridegroom comes. So satan mocks and tries to go before MY Son and strip anything and everything that is Holy away from the peoples sight so they will forget the price MY Son paid. For YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is your only MESSIAH is your only guiding Light.,I warned you in the sky, I gave you this year sign after sign. I gave you wonder and amazement as comets came in different sizes. How few looked up and realized that the redemption draweth nigh. But for MY enemies, judgment, judgment, judgment is all you will know.,________________________________________­_________,Also please know that the rich TV preachers and televangelists are leading millions to a dark jesus not the JESUS OF THE HOLY BIBLE but a fake illusion the son of satan to lead them to hell. Liars such as Kenneth Copeland, Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, John Hagee, and many more. Most of these lying wicked preachers will end up in hell, few will ever repent.,Here are more prophecy excerpts from YAHUVEH GOD’S Amightywind Ministry,PROPHECY 92 – BE OF GOOD CHEER FOR I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, AM THE ONLY GOOD SHEPHERD AND I BEAT THE WOLVES AWAY.,“You will know the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps who live in mansions and are millionaires and look down upon the poor and middle class. Yet, it is the poor and middle class that has made the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps the millionaires they are today. You can call them the EPP’s, for they will be used as your enemies to introduce and lead people to the false Christ, the only begotten son of satan.”,“The Evangelical Pimps now love gold and silver more than they love MY Sheep and Lambs, and if they do not repent and turn away from this wicked road they are on. Most of those I name in this Word will never see Heaven. Some had their name in the BOOK OF LIFE and there name was blotted out! As they betrayed ME in Heaven, so they betray ME again on earth for their soul already knows where it will go when it leaves this earth. Now they have a form of godliness but no godliness within!”,________________________________________­___________________,This link here is what YAHUVEH GOD AND YAHUSHUA say about the True Rapture,http://www.amightywind.com/teachings/raptureteaching.html

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