Amightywind Truth Video_ Nehemiah Sin Center Member Gruurk2 Exposed!!!


Originally published on Dec 22, 2012 by YAHsLioness3 ,n this video I expose evil nehemiah sin center member Gruurk2 for the christian pretender that he is. This man claims to b a born again blood brought Holy Spirit filled child of the most high YAHUVEH but he is not as you will see in this video. Gruurk2 is just one of the many damned souls of the s-a-t-a-n-i-c nehemiah sin center. Do not believe the lies of this man, he is on his way to hell and want’s to take you there with him. For his soul already knows his doomed fate.,Gruurk2 Exposed even further.,,Want to hear the truth straight from heaven? Come and visit us at,,

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