Repent America, The Blood Is On Your Hands


Originally published on Jan 24, 2013 by AtYAHUSHUASFeet7 ,,,Prophecy 14,Repent America, The Blood Is On Your Hands!,Prophecy given to Apostle Sherrie Elijah April 10, 1993 ,…,Prophecy given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia from FATHER YAHUVEH (or YAHWEH), YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit).,YAHUVEH GOD says:,Taxpayers beware, the blood of the unborn babies will be on all Christian and non-Christian hands, if Clinton succeeds in passing federally paid abortions. All those who have ears to listen — hear, all others remain Deaf. You who would never murder your babies will be committing murderous abortions, by allowing the government to use your tax dollars to pay for this hideous crime against YAHUVEH and Man. You will not be paying for one abortion, one murder, but untold millions of babies will die, and with the money I gave you to prosper you. ,This innocent blood will be on all your hands. The wrath will fall on this nation and world undiluted and you MY people will have angered ME by remaining silent. Beware I am not only a God of love, but I am a God of mighty wrath when angered. Start protesting now. Let you voices be heard. Stand up for what you know is right, now before it’s too late. Clinton condones homosexuality in the armed services. He wants you to support this sinful lifestyle. ,You MY Children, you the taxpayers will be condoning it by paying their salaries, and by doing this I will no longer bless America. America will never win another world war again, it has only been by MY grace, you have not lost this country thus far. All those who have ears to hear, listen, all others remain deaf. ,You who are called by MY Name (Christians) have done little to nothing, to stop this holocaust on the unborn. You pray to your God to stop this, but do little else. It’s the minority who lay their reputations, freedom, finances and lives down. These are MY Children I am proud of, and great will be their blessings in heaven. Does not MY Word say, greater love hath no man than one who lays their life down for another? These are the ones who will have no abortion blood on their hands for they did more than talk. They put action behind their protests. ,”Faith without works is dead!” When MY Children come home to heaven, do you want all the unborn babies to come to you and ask why your money paid for their deaths? Why didn’t you try harder to stop the abortions, to tell the government no? YAHUVEH’s people have more power in YAHUSHUA (Jesus) than the heathens and their false gods! Prove it, by rising up in MY Name. Let the government know enough is enough. MY Children, see this vision of clean hands, now see the hands blood soaked, now see the hands flinging the blood off. ,Homosexuality is in the minority now but will not continue to be, if this is taught as an acceptable lifestyle in schools, beware again. Taxpayers, you pay for these schools and this sin will again be on your hands if you don’t rise up now and put action behind your prayers. America was given to MY People; take back what the heathen have stolen before it’s too late. (Genesis 19:1-28) “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world….”,Salvation page and prayer with videos,…,African site: ,Chinese site:… ,Polish site:… ,Spanish site:… ,Hebrew page:,Norwegian page:,Proof behind the prophecies:,…,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony…

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