2016 Endtime Prophecy _Forewarned is Forearmed_ – Part 1


Originally published on March 30, 2012 by InfoNews2011 ,Please visit http://www.amightywind.com and http://www.almightywind.com,YAHUSHUA (יהושע), a Hebrew Name, is the original Name of JESUS. We are still saved in the Name JESUS but the antichrist will use the name Jesus Christ for himself IN THE TRIBULATION, so learn YAHUSHUA’s NAME for then,Prophecy 47 – To Be Forewarned Is To Be Forearmed For Such A Time As This!,Given to Rev Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah – April 21, 2001,TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Be warned when mankind is cloned, they are born without a soul and any creation without a soul is a dangerous thing. For mankind is meant to have a soul, I breathed the breath of life into Adam, but when mankind creates clones of Adam and Eve, I tell you this there will be no breath of life in them. Instead it will be the breath of the soulless one, satan will be the father and evil will be the reward for playing God. These clones will not have the lifespan as MY creation, nor the desire to serve and worship the God “I AM!” These clones will not have a conscience for I am mankind’s conscience of what is right and wrong. These clones will turn on the very creators and on mankind that allows such heinous creatures.,TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Beware when you eat soulless meat; you are eating meat that I did not create. Your bodies were not meant to be so defiled. When you see sickness and diseases that are new and your physicians can’t heal, I will say physician heal yourself for if that physician does not stand up and say, “No this is against the laws of creation” then I shall turn creation against itself. You have been warned!,TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! YES the temperatures in Hell are rising. Don’t you yet realize the infernal heat from hell is MY temper that is past the boiling mark? There is no gauge that can measure either MY almighty love and no gauge can measure MY almighty wrath. Neither can be measured for it is without measure.,TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Mankind is about to experience MY wrath, but it is this earth that will suffer, not the other planets. For it is true that you live atop of Hell. Hell is deep under the ground, but you walk atop of Hell and walk atop of where the demons dwell, and souls suffer endless torment. Is it any wonder you’re constantly bombarded to sin in some way?,TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Only the RUACH ha KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) can help you to walk Holy and only the life and Blood given by YAHUSHUA at Calvary for your sins, can wash away your sins. Only by believing YAHUSHUA resurrected on the 3rd day can you have faith to believe that YAHUSHUA, is Almighty God and SAVIOUR. MY only begotten Son Conceived from a virgin named Miryam (Mary). Where is your faith?,TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Volcanoes are the entrances to Hell but the souls in Hell cannot escape nor can anyone live to see Hell in physical form. I have given others a glimpse of Hell as stated with the rich man and Lazarus, and no it is not symbolism nor a parable. Hell was not originally created for Human kind but instead for satan and his fallen angels, but I have given Human kind a choice where they want to spend eternity. What will you do with that choice? ,Time is short so if you haven’t accepted YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST as your Saviour tomorrow may be too late. Please follow this youtube link to the Salvation Prayer:,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83i1S…,Full prophecies, dreams and revelations can be found at:,http://www.amightywind.com/prophecy/iprophecynum.htm?104,35 ,www.almightywind.com,If you want to contact Prophet Elisabeth write YAHSLadynred on youtube,Both the AMW Crest / Seal and picture of Prophet Elisabeth are copyright to be used only with YAHSLadynred permission or write her at www.amightywind.com,All Praise Honour & Glory to our ABBA YAHUVEH, SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA & our precious IMMAYAH, MOMMA WISDOM!!!

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