YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA’s Promises To The Righteous and The Wicked


originally uploaded by T2Todd2 on Jul 27, 2010nn,(thanks son)nn,nn,Behold the glory of our YAH (God). Is there anyone like HIM in all that is called reality? And heaven and earth will flee from HIS presence; there was no place found for them. And all will stand before HIS throne on that day and all the books will be open. Please beloved friends seek first the Kingdom of YAH (God) and then all things will be added on. Your money, your gold, your worthless things, corruptible things are of no value when you stand before YAH’s throne on that Final Day. Will your name be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life or in the Book of the Damned? What can you give for you eternal soul? God’s jealousy and anger will burn on that day and HE will accept nothing but your eternal soul to be cast into eternal destruction. Choose ye this day which YAH (God) you will serve.nn,nn,nn,FREE DOWNLOAD STUDY GUIDE COMPARING KJV OT WITH HEBREW WORDS http://www.SCRIPTURE4ALL.ORG nn,Judges 3:10 compare and see for yourself how KJV changed the Hebrew word to Greek.nn,nn,Citizen in Hell song full versionnn,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyeunrQXDx0

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