Open Vision of Hell Described by YAHSLadynred Please Warn Others!


thanks beloved son for your help in making this video for YAHUVEH GOD’s Glory! ,A Citizen In Hell, A Vision and Song Given March 9, 1992 To,Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu),”It’s the most horrifying song you have ever heard. I literally heard a song being sung off key in HELL right NOW by a Male pastor that never came back to the saving grace of YAHUSHUA Messiah. You see even someone that brings millions of souls to YAHUSHUA can still lose their own soul. Because it’s THEIR relationship with YAHUSHUA that matters, NOT our GOOD WORKS that get US into Heaven. So NO man or woman can Boast of their good works and think that is enough to escape HELL. God knows your motives and if its NOT Holy motives done because you LOVE YAHUSHUA then all these WORKS mean NOTHING. For 8 hours the LORD showed me HELL and a vision of a Citizen in HELL! I am looking for the right person to record what the LORD gave me and one day I believe in faith Carman will record this song. ,I have been accused of scaring people into heaven with it as the Holy Spirit anointed my voice to sound like tormented souls screaming! The Devil mocking, demons taunting, describing in detail what I saw. The anointing was so strong that the cassette tape it was recorded on you can hear the echo on the other side of the tape. You cannot get a glimpse of HELL without it making your physical body sick. For 10 days after this song was finished I became VERY sick but I know this Jude 1:23 says some will only come by fear. NOT everyone comes to YAHUSHUA because HE loves them. Some will run into the arms of the Lord YAHUSHUA Messiah running in terror when they see the alternative which is HELL. ,The name of the song is “A CITIZEN IN HELL” and if any pastor promises to USE it to bring souls to YAHUSHUA I will give them this song. It is the UGLIEST and most frightening song you will ever hear, for when I was the sickest is when the Holy Spirit said NOW sing it Sherrie! There is NO beauty in HELL even the best singer sings off KEY in HELL even the best musician plays Off KEY in Hell. Only TORTURE, TERROR, TORMENT for all eternity! Only entrances and NO exits. Look at a ring that represents eternity, no beginning or no end. Where are you going to spend eternity? Heaven or Hell? ,Here are a few brief lyrics to the song ” A CITIZEN IN HELL” no one may copy this without my permission and if anyone knows Carman please tell him about this song. When the LORD gave this to me he said Carman has the anointing to sing this song. This song is meant for the Last Chancers one step before the flames of HELL. One step before Jer. 6 vs. 27-30. With the LORDS help and anointing he has told me to create a animated hell from the lyrics in this song. If anyone has the computer tech anointing to help me do this please email me right away. Here are a few lines of the song so you can see this is NOT a place you want to spend eternity. ,”Flaming worms crawl in, flaming worms crawl out in the belly button and out the mouth! In the front and out the rear! In the eyes and out the ears! We scream for mercy yet NO one cares or hears! Red hot pain in my blood rivers of feces, lava, vomit and blood, it looks like a flood! Flames everywhere yet they cast NO light! All I have is every kind of pain, terror, torture, and fright! I am a Citizen in HELL! ,This is the first level of HELL the other levels there are NO words to tell. Hell is so hot it boils the flesh off my skin how do I describe the HELLISH pain I’m in! I’m so thirsty yet I’ve not even urine or tears to drink and OH my GOD how this HELL stinks! AHHHH I am a Citizen in HELL! ,There’s NO water of any kind not even sweat to cool my brow, I know from HELL I will never be set free and demons curse and Mock me! I scream to God to help me, yet he does NOT hear! Instead the voice of satan laughs and jeers! Ha Ha, there’s NO GOD and there’s NO mercy here! I have torture, terror, and Damnation and every kind of FEAR but there’s NO GOD HERE! Ha Ha Ha.”,I saw a naked man covered in flaming worms that cannot die. he turned to me and heaved a deep sigh as flames surrounded him and he sung this song in an emotionless voice. A voice that held NO emotion only the pain and torment he was in ….”,English Authorized King James Version of 1611 by, Firefighters for Christ, Stephen Johnston, free for non-commercial individual use.,YouTube Team: Excerpts fall under “fair use” and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody which does not infringe copyright under 17 USC 107.,Amightywind Ministries: ,Holy Prophecies from GOD given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) (YAHSLADYNRED): , ,

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