PROPHETIC WARNING DREAM- The spirit That Drove Hitler Will Rise Again And Run Washington


Published on Nov 7, 2012 by native0083 (thanks beloved son),Oh America, remember the prophetic dream I released through Elisabeth (Elisheva) about Hitler rising up, so beware World of the dictator of dictators, for the same spirit that drove Hitler is the same spirit that again will run Washington D.C. You have been warned. When you see a person worshipped and compared to I,YAHUSHUA, realize this is a counterfeit sent by satan to mock ME.,Governments in various parts of the world have been practicing mind control methods on the mass population in various forms, in various ways, and through various methods. All this to prepare for the one called The False Prophet, and the one called the anti-christ. MY Holy children are not deceived and will not worship the counterfeit, they will rebuke and warn against the counterfeit.,Excerpt from Prophecy 104 World, Beware Of The Dictator Of Dictators!,,Prophet Elisabeth Elijah’s (Elisheva Eliyahu) Dream About Hitler,September 27, 2005,See Krystal’s Interpretation At End of Dream! ,I, Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu), was given a prophetic warning recently in a dream that is a warning to all biological Jews and those washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA who are spiritual Jews. I will entitle it… ,BEWARE! ADOLF HITLER WILL RISE AGAIN FROM THE DEAD! ,I have been given some of the discernment, some parts I don’t discern yet. For prophets who have been given this gift as you read this, please send me your discernment and it will be posted as I bear witness to the truth in it. Email: ,HITLER WILL RISE AGAIN FROM THE DEAD!,I was on a bridge standing in the middle of it. A huge cement bridge with a barricade of cement railing across the middle of it, so people could not fall off the bridge into the rushing water. The current was going toward the bridge which was on the left. Someone called to me and said, “Look over the left side of the rail of the bridge and you will see floating in the water on a wooden raft the dead body of Hitler and he will rise again from the dead.” ,I said no way can Hitler rise again from the dead. The voice said, “Look and see the body is already there!” I went on the left side and I looked over the thick cement barricade which I will call a rail for lack of better words, and I saw on the moving water in the far distance what appeared to be a body lying down. ,I kept watching, and all of a sudden I saw, as the raft got closer, the body raised up and then stood up and it was Adolf Hitler who came back to life and he was staring right at me with a evil look in his eyes. His hand was raised in that salute he always did. ,The raft got closer and I stood there in fear of what I was seeing and yet I reasoned with myself and said as the raft got closer to the bridge I was standing on, there is no way Hitler can climb up this bridge for it is too high for him to reach me. ,To my amazement Hitler’s raft came to the edge of the bridge and he started crawling up the side of the bridge like a giant spider using his hands and feet to crawl! I stood there and stared and then realized I had to run away from Hitler and hide. ,As I started to run, other people came from all directions and started running with me, for they thought wherever I hid would be safe for them also. I ran and they followed and Hitler chased us from house to house as we ran and hid in various houses…and Hitler found us even where we were hiding. But I just ran to another house to hide and the people followed me but because so many were following me, Hitler would find me and again we would have to run.,The people hid in the last house in my dream and I saw Adolf Hitler find them and catch them and I was in a room where there was no escape except for a window and I was on a 2nd floor in a bedroom. ,(In reality I have a fear heights and a bad eyesight problem called a stigmatism so I have a hard time judging distances of objects.) Hitler would find me if I didn’t escape so I opened the window and looked down from it, wondering how far this jump was and would I live if I jumped out the window onto the ground outside. ,I could hear Hitler approaching so I prayed for YAHUSHUA to help me, and I jumped out of the window onto the ground and I was amazed the jump really was not that far off the ground it looked worse than it was, I not only lived but escaped Adolf Hitler and I ran away to a place of safety. ,End of dream. September 2005,

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