Fatalerrornetwork com Diabolical Den of Iniquity!


Please DO not go to Fatal Error Network, they are seeking your IP Address. PastorGeorgec and his unholy henchmen(Including LacyBunny) are there doing the works of the devil. In this video i prove that the Nehemiah Center cult are fake Christians, why would someone who professes the name of JESUS CHRIST go to such a site? Please watch this video and find out the truth about this website and the Agenda of PastorGeorgec and his ungodly goons, also fatalerror404TV who is an enemy of holiness.nn,nn,Again with much love and warning to all the truth seekers out there!nn,- YAHsHolyMinistrynn,nn,Please Visit us @ amightywind.com and almightywind.comnn,nn,Key Words:nn,FatalErrorNetwork Warning Exposed Pastorgeorgec LacyBunny ungodly fatalerror404TV Shout it from the House tops holiness amightywind almightywind YAHUSHUA YAHUVEH RUACH HA KODESH yahsladynred, yahslittleone, yahsservant777 yahssheep777 trustyah777

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