ENDTIME PROPHECY _ UFOs Zombies _ Holy Prophet Dreams Visions (live on the radio)


Mirrored Video originally uploaded by jarofclay9 on Jun 19, 2011nn,(thanks beloved) nn,nn,viewer discretion advised (zombies, Harry Potter). nn,nn,From a June 5, 2005 live shortwave radio broadcast, more relevant today almost 5 years later. Prophet E. Elijah shares dreams, words, and visions regarding portals to hell, summer solstice, the future of Israel and America, UFOs, zombies, walk-in spirits, Harry Potter and more.nn,nn,for time constraints, the host’s voice, introductions and breaks have been removed/summarizednn,nn,http://www.amightywind.comnn,http://www.almightywind.comnn,nn,Be in prayer and enter into deep intercession during the time leading up to and around the solstices. June 21st is summer solstice and is a high unholy day, and for those deep in the occult a high sacrifice night and activity re portals to hell. Keep these things in prayer. You must be on your guard more than on an average day. Stay in the anointing and keep your full Ephesians 6 armor on. Expect spiritual warfare to intensify for the entire week prior, especially.nn,nn,Please pray YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST closes all Portals to hell in world to demonic realm especially on Summer solstice June 21 2011 ABBA YAH in name of YAHUSHUA bind up all evil powers from witches, shamans, dark magic in kabbalah, druids, voodoo, new age, all forms of occult. We pray evil will return to senders no power in their curses, rituals, sacrifices, spells, incantations, summoning of demons, UFO’S, USO, marine demonic kingdom, shapeshifters!nn,nn,Blood of YAHUSHUA covers and protects video and viewersnn,nn,Prophet E.Elijah on Radio End Time UFO Zombie Dreams and Visions LIVE words yahsladynred

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