Don’t Give Up! Don’t Quit! Restoration Prophecy To Hebrew Translator All Believers


Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by native0083 on Oct 27, 2011,(thanks son) visit,Apostle/Prophet/Pastor Elisabeth Elijah received on Sukkot 2011 Prophecy of miracles and restoration and asked me to write these words to readers.,Don’t Give up , Don’t quit! Prophecy, Expect Miracles from YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST! Are you in need of Miracles? Listen, believe, receive, have faith and believe this Prophecy is for you!,Listen to this daily, as many times as you need to be reminded , until your miracles come! Expect Miracles as you listen ! Write me at and let us know when your miracle happens! I am excited and take it as a sign the Prophecy is over 144,000 views on its original upload from Native0083’s channel! I love the number 144,000 It is the number in Rev. 14 Bride, and Rev. 7 Bride of YAHUSHUA!,Do you need miracles in your life? Has your relationship with YAHUSHUA/ JESUS CHRIST changed where you need a fresh new anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH HA KODESH? Do you need a faith increase? Do you feel discouraged, depressed, hopeless, or feeling suicidal? Do you want to know the guaranteed way to Heaven, and who YAHUSHUA is?,Don’t give up, don’t quit! listen and in faith believe, cry out loudly to YAHUSHUA HE is listening! believe rejoice ahead of time even before you see the miracles happen! “Faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not seen.”,Scripture says ” We are to walk by faith not by sight”. start building your faith , standing on the biblical promises and Praise YAHUSHUA , before you even see the miracles come to pass! You are to expect the miracle, and in YAH’S timing if it is HIS will, it will happen!,Faith comes by hearing the words of GOD who we call by Hebrew Names our Heavenly FATHER is YAH or YAHUVEH/YAHWEH YAHUSHUA is also called by Greek Name in KJV Bible JESUS CHRIST.,Please don’t be discouraged and give up the blessed hope of YAHUSHUA delivering you from this world before the great Tribulation!,We are to pray we are counted worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA. The Bride of YAHUSHUA will not give up! We know we are persecuted, slandered, attacked, the worse vile blasphemy, slanderous lies, especially against me the Prophet speaking forth Prophecies of rebuke, correction, love, Judgment. Scripture says the Prophet is a Friend to GOD/ YAHUVEH.,The friendship means YAH tells HIS secrets to HIS true Prophets, nothing can happen without first warning through HIS true Prophets.,I am honored to be called ABBA YAH, YAHUSHUA not only a Child, but a Prophet. “when we suffer persecution for YAHUSHUA’S Name sake, we are to remember the same happened before with the Prophets of old, and great are our rewards in Heaven”,When you see a video on side bar, speaking forth hatred against Apostle/Prophet/ Pastor Elisabeth Elijah, do not watch their videos! It is satan speaking forth out of their mouths full of slanderous lies! These people have never met me ! The worse reprobate are satanists pretending to be Christians! The evidence of the fruit of this Ministry is good! Listen to this Prophecy of promises for the true Children of YAHUSHUA who strive to obey HIM.,Pray you are counted worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA who is used as Jer. 6 27-30 we are the standard, YAHUSHUA uses against the evil of this world!,We suffer persecution now, because we will not have to suffer in the Great Tribulation. Our constant prayer is “YAHUSHUA please count us worthy to be called your Bride, and escape the Great Tribulation”,I am the Apostle/Prophet/Pastor of AmightyWind Ministries in Dec. 2015 will be celebrating 21 yrs online., is a Messianic Jewish Pentecostal International evangelism. AmightyWind We share the gospel of Biblical Salvation and shares the Prophetic messages from Heaven. We teach the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA . We teach the importance of being commandment keepers not breakers! This includes keeping the true Sabbath Day and it is not Sunday!, has Translators located in various parts of the world speaking 27 languages and lovingly volunteer their time to translate the Holy Prophecies into their languages for these end times.,AmightyWind Ministries has thousands of testimonies of salvation testimonies, many are at YouTube. AmightyWind Ministries is where signs wonders and miracles happen in the name of YAHUSHUA .,Listen to this daily, as many times as you need to be reminded , until your miracles come! Expect Miracles as you listen ! Do you need miracles in your life? Has your relationship with YAHUSHUA changed where you need a fresh new anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH HA KODESH? Do you need a faith increase? Do you feel discouraged, depressed, hopeless, or feeling suicidal!,This Prophecy is full of life and promises of YAHUSHUA! If you are blessed please write us at look for contacts and let us know, thank you!,YAHUSHUA (יהושוע) speaks through Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu/Elisabeth Elijah on Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles 2011 to the Hebrew translator and to HIS Bride around the world. This Prophecy has Anointing of restoration, strength, boldness so if your battle worn and weary let YAHUSHUA refresh you with this Sukkot Prophecy of Restoration to all who worship YAHUSHUA and live Holy.,This is going to restore so many of the troops that have been so beaten up. The moral of the troops needs to be built up. There is no tolerance in Israel for those who believe in and follow YAHUSHUA. Elisheva says, “It took a persecuted Jew to be able to stir up the anointing in this persecuted Jew.” If you are tired and beaten down, please read and listen. There is an Anointing of restoration in this. There is a greater Anointing in the spoken Word.,Please see at the end, there was a miracle with the tape recorder. The battery was filled with only enough power to record the length of the Word itself. If the phone conversation had been recorded from the start, the entire Word would not have been recorded to the end. But Praise YAHUSHUA, the recording began in YAHUVEH’S perfect timing and the entire Word was recorded!,Prophecy 120 – Don’t Give up, Don’t Quit! Sukkot Prophecy of Restoration to Hebrew Translator & Messianic Jews All Believers,Received October 19, 2011,on 6th day of Sukkot — crescent New Moon sighting; or,7th day, Hoshana Rabbah — pre-set, Rabbinical calendar,Excerpt from Prophecy 120:,”You are MY Beloved! MY Beloved is MINE! Oh MY precious one! Help ME, help ME, help ME! Feed MY Sheep and Lambs! Work by this Prophet’s side, for the time is so short!,MY Blood drenches the soil in Israel. Just one drop is all it takes to wash the sins away. Thank you for not being ashamed of ME. Thank you for being willing to be persecuted for ME! Thank you for accepting ME, even though it means your own family turns away! Those of your blood family, but not MY Blood family! MY Blood family embraces you as I have this prophet sister of yours call you this day! MY Blood family, those that do the will of the Heavenly FATHER, embrace you and love you, recognize you for who you are in ME! Remember this always.,I love you! And I thank you! Yes, your LORD GOD, your SAVIOUR, your MESSIAH, loves you! Never, never, never, never let anyone take that away! I speak to you in the still of the night. I give you revelations. And greater revelations you shall have! Remember MY darling one, Judases will come and Judases will go. I had MY Judases. You have yours. Elisabeth has hers. All, all, all who follow after ME, if they are not persecuted in MY Name, had better ask themselves, “Why not?” for the servant is not greater than the MASTER. It is all … All do not love ME. [i.e. Not all love me]. Do not expect all to love you—as I still am persecuted. In this world I am hated more than I am loved! I am mocked more than I am accepted! But I paid the price at Calvary and Israel, oh Israel how long, how long, how long, how long must I wait for thee to accept ME, to love ME?,Oh I know how long it will be! And I know the price Israel shall pay! And it will be a price that is so heavy—for they are held more accountable—for I walked the streets of Jerusalem. MY Blood, MY Blood, MY Blood is soaked in the land. Oh how I grieve, how I mourn! But there is a remnant! I do have a remnant! I ALWAYS have a remnant! They are few—but they are MINE! And just as I have you, so too there are others in Israel. And they are spread all over the world and they are going to stand up and they are going to defend! And they are defending that which is Holy! And they are exposing and rebuking all that is unholy and they are warning that the false messiah is on the way—but it shall not happen until I take MY true Bride away.”,salvation prayer,Prophecy index:,38,African site: ,Chinese site: ,Polish site: ,Spanish site: ,Hebrew page:,Norwegian page:,Proof behind the prophecies:,,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony

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