Originally published by justagirl8888 ,Please visit or,Stop MURDERING Your Unborn Children!!! :,Rise Up Speak Up tell Devil Shut Up Song by YDS:,See the full prophecy at,Also please check out the full prophecy index at,35,Salvation Prayer:,Excerpts from Prophecy 11,———————————-,As the murders of innocent babes yet in their mother’s wombs are ripped apart so savagely and you think because this sinful world legalizes it, it is legal with ME. Even your murderers on death row, you try and think of merciful and quick deaths for them. The laws give at least 10 years more in most cases at expense of taxpayers, your tax money, to lengthen their lives. To invent more merciful ways to kill those that took lives without any mercy. Yet babes so precious to ME, babes I have counted the days till their birth, put MY Spirit in them, caused them to grow strong and healthy in mothers’ wombs, so they will breath at time of birth, and these innocent babes never known wrong are tortured as their unheard screams echo in MY ears. ,Those that have done these abortions and not confessed and asked for forgiveness and turned away from this sin, for all eternity you will hear the screams of all those babies. As one of your punishments you have waiting for you in hell and never a break from the cries of the murdered babies, or the screams. Do you know how a crying baby gets on your nerves? Imagine millions in your ears for eternity.,REPENT NOW, nurses, doctors, women doing these things for your own sake. REPENT NOW, politicians who passed these laws. Supreme Court, you’re not supreme in MY eyes. You are not above MY laws. Almighty God YAHUVEH alone is Supreme. Almighty God YAHUVEH alone is judge and jury and executioner. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH came so you could have life and life more abundantly. REPENT! Turn away from this sin for I will hold you accountable. The blood of the unborn is on your hands. ,Why, because I have given mankind a choice? A choice to obey that which is instinct given to every woman and man, to protect the young, nurture the young. And yet they are savagely murdered. Woe unto the ones who call this legal. Woe be unto the doctors and nurses who take part in this murder. Woe be unto the politicians who passed the laws of these innocent babies being slaughtered. ,Woe be unto you who have stayed silent far too long. For I hear their screams. The babies’ souls return to whence they came from Heaven. But their souls are ripped out of this world unmercifully. Cruelty beyond words. I allow the souls to leave only to prove man’s inhumanity to man. Knowing what choice that mother already made. Grieving and giving her every chance to repent. Knowing she won’t, angry because she won’t repent. ,Tell them, tell them MY Daughter. Once again although even those who call them by MY Name yet do nothing but shake their heads and others I am so proud to call MY Children lay their lives, reputations, and finances down to protect the innocent babes in the mothers’ wombs. These are the ones I will reward. Why aren’t the churches supporting those willing to sacrifice their all to protest against these murders of innocent babies?

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