YAHSservant777 s PM taken advantage of


Uploaded by YAHSservant777 on Jan 26, 2012nn,nn,YAHSservant777 taken advantage of a YouTube glitch to defame him… hey what did ya expect? He made this video for his true brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA / Jesus Christ to clear up any misunderstanding or confusion. He did NOT write those horrible, blasphemous and sexually tainted messages they put out there in my name. If you receive messages in his name that are unlike him, then know it’s NOT him. Do not be deceived, our enemies have capitalized on this YouTube glitch and jesusismyguide777 aka lacybunny takes part in this and other infiltrators in this community play along with this. Also gluteusilluminatus, mimicaxresurrected and RedSmoky aka CultStomper are in on this.

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