Response in Defense of Amightywind Ministry – Part 1


Shalom YAHUSHUA’s Truthseekers! This is a video in response to “redbonesmkia”, made in defense of the Prophetic End Time Church and Ministry AMIGHTYWIND.COM. Check this site out for yourself and test the fruit of this Ministry that is not named after a mere man or woman but After the Most High God of Israel Who birthed this Ministry through HIS End Time Prophet and Apostle Elisabeth Elijah. ,”redbonesmkia” also called David, chose to align himself with the enemies of this Ministry as he received a letter from a young man named Zach who got rebuked and received a Prophetic warning from one of the Ministries Prophets Kathrynyah. What Zach of course did not tell David is the reason why he received this Prophetic Warning, and how he viciously slandered the Ministry that has been mentoring him and has been nothing but a blessing to him, and blasphemed the Heavenly Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) over and over again. ,The young man named Zach was led to this Ministry by the Holy Spirit and was threatening with suicide. Apostle Elisabeth Elijah has pleaded with this young man who seriously needs deliverance from demonic spirits to not commit suicide and has been mentoring him with a mother’s love. He finally chose which “god” he is going to serve and for no reason other than that this Ministry preaches Holiness and warns of Hell he turned his back on this Prophet and started spreading lies. David a.k.a. redbonesmkia due to either lack of Fear of the Lord (which is the beginning of all Wisdom) or no Fear of the Lord at all was quick in swallowing these lies and opened himself up to be used by twisting and manipulating spirits to attack this Amightywind Ministry as he reads the Prophetic warning given to Zach with a demonic voice to chase people away from this Ministry. ,It was on my heart to make a response to his video which is called “ FALSE TEACHERS”. Woe unto those that call good evil and that which is evil good. Both David and Zach, if they do not repent for touching YAH’s anointed and doing HIS Prophets harm, they can start counting down the days till YAHUVEH’s Wrath will befall them. ,~YAH’s servant – Partner of –

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