Testimony of How I was Led to AMW- SeekYAHUSHUA


Originally Uploaded by SeekYahushua on Mar 5, 2012nn,(thanks beloved daughter)nn,nn,This testimony was done for the Praise and Glory of YAH. nn,This Ministry is his and is Anointed and Ordained by Yahushua! (Jesus) Reaches out in 25 different Languages, international to the 4 Corners Praise Yahushua for thisnn,nn,I pray people would, Test the fruits and Check out the Prophecy’s for yourself, instead of listening to the enemies lies, those that are enemies of this Ministry of Yah’s is really enemies of Yahushua. For this is HIS Ministry.nn,I am honored to be a part of his Ministry, to have such a wonderful loving Spiritual Family, whom is all of AMW. The first thing, I noticed when I came to AMW, was how Loving and how welcoming and Accepting everyone was here, including Prophet Elizabeth Elijah whom I call Mom in Yahushua. A lot of the Youth Ministers, had always asked if I Need prayers and still do and they shared many wisdom and knowledge that was given to them with me, and I am so grateful that Yahushua led me to his Ministry, this is his Last Chance Ministry. Many have rejected the Truths, just like they had back in Bibilical times, you see that through out his Word, they slandered and mocked all that was Holy, and they do the same today, they slander this Holy Ordained Ministry of YAHS, each day, it’s been a battle, for about two yrs now on YT. I REBUKE out all of the wicked enemies that slander and mock, everyone in AMW and Prophet Elizabeth Elijah.nn,nn,I pray people would see, for yourselfs, that this Ministry is Holy, and teaches Holiness, Obedience to YAH’s ten commandments inculding the 4th one Keeping the Sabbath Holy.) We are To have, an Obedient Relationship with Yahushua. This doesn’t mean we make excuses for our Sins, and we say that oh it was all done at Calvary on the cross so it’s ok if we continue to sin. this is a LIE! And I REBUKE it out in the name of Yahushua Ha Mashiach’s name. And, any other lie that these wicked people and lukewarm christians are procaliming to the sheeps and lambs, and this is to those who slash this Ministry, for your eternity will be in the lake of fire.nn,You, who did Not Repent, those that are Rejected siliver, Repropbates!. You are of satan and I rebuke out your lies and all your wickedness in the name of Yahushua Ha Mashiach. I really do hope that people would see that these people are wicked and dark, there fruit is roten, and when you see those in AMW, there Fruit is Good!, they are Anointed, and Holy, Yes We are to Rebuke those out when there in sin and expose the wicked wolves so sheep and lambs are not led astray. It is there choice if they want to Accept the Warnings or reject them. Hopefully those will take the Heed and stay away from these wicked wolves who slander AMW.nn,nn,These are Not her Words this is not her Ministry and she does Not claim this, this is Yahushuas Ministry, she is Obedient to YAH and speaks forth his Words, so don’t Stone her, for when you do this you do it to YAH.nn,nn,To, listen and or watch the Prophecy’s Given to Prophet Elizabeth Elijah please visit:nn,nn,http://www.AmightyWind.comnn,http://www.Almightywind.comnn,nn,YahsLadynRed -Prophet Elizabeth Elijah’s YTnn,nn,Prophecy 3: excerpts from Prophecy 3nn,”I don’t want any to perish or be damned, please warn them. Sound the trumpet blast that the anointing I have given you. As a mother or father warns before they spank their children, I in MY infinite mercy and love say warn them. For when I let loose MY anger it will be hard to appease ME.nn,nn,Warn them, and you will be doing your part. All those who are receiving this have a part to warn those that have ears to hear and listen, and yes for those who choose to remain deaf. At least they won’t be able to say they weren’t warned.”

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