2013 Prophecy_ What if Rosh Hashanah is the day that YAHUSHUA_Jesus comes


Originally published by native0083 (Sep 15, 2011),YAHUSHUA spoke to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah for 2 days in September of 1998 and He said “WHAT IF Rosh Hashanah ראש השנה IS THE DAY THAT I COME?” This is a message for the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Your Bridegroom is on the way! Be ready and prepared. The prayer called “”YAHUSHUA! We Are Your Bride! We Wait For You!” given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah is included in this video also. The Mississippi Floods of 2011 were foretold in this prayer.,Excerpts from “WHAT IF Rosh Hashanah IS THE DAY THAT I COME?” & “YAHUSHUA! We Are Your Bride! We Wait For You!”,I heard it for two days on September 15&16, 1998. Though some will think I am insane for speaking this, I know I am held accountable if I don’t. Ezek 3:17-21 says when a watchman is given a warning and we don’t pass it on, then the blood will be on our hands, but when we do give the warning, and even if they don’t listen, the blood won’t be on my hands. So I am warning like YAHUSHUA warned me in the same words. ,”WHAT IF Rosh Hashanah IS THE DAY THAT I COME?” ,As I said, I awoke to this voice. It was almost audible but I know it wasn’t audible, but loud enough to have been audible. And it was YAHUSHUA speaking. I know that voice. The same one that told me of West Virginia and wrath. The same one that told me of six Eclipses, then HE comes. ,I was weeping and interceding not only for myself but ALL those on my prayer list. Saying, “Oh YAHUSHUA, please count us worthy to be received as your Bride, spotless and white. OH, YAHUSHUA, please have mercy and forgive us for NONE of us are perfect.” I said there was no way I could name all the names that I was trying to lift up to YAHUSHUA, so I said, “Here is my invisible list. Please spare your Bride. Please come and take us home with you and spare us of this wrath that is to come. Count us worthy to be called your Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah.” ,I prayed exhausted until I fell asleep weeping for the Bride, that YAHUSHUA would count her worthy to be taken home to be with Him when He comes. I fell asleep and even sleeping I was praying and weeping. And as I awoke this went on. Each time I heard plainly the same voice. Say exactly the same thing.”,Excerpt from the prayer “YAHUSHUA! We Are Your Bride! We Wait For You!”,”You are the One covers and protects our home. We give You the Praise, Honor and Glory. Not just for Wendy and I but for all my brothers and sisters around the whole world. I know You will have martyrs but I praise You and I thank You God that You will have more that You will protect than more that will die in Your Name. I believe in faith, Father God, for how can the enemy say that we are different than anyone else that could slaughter, Father. If You do not show the kind of miracles You did in the times with the children of Israel, when the evil Pharaoh chased them. ,If You do not show, Father God, when back in the times of old, Father God, again and again, you proved with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego thrown into the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion’s den. Oh, Halleluyah, Father God, we praise You and we thank You, the same God that spit Jonah out of the belly of a whale. You’re the same God Father that Noah and his family were spared when everyone in the whole world died. You’re the same God, Father.,That did all of these things even though the waters covered the entire world, Father God. If the Mississippi river is going to overflow and all of these horrible things, God, and I’m told Lord the very states will be underneath it, Father. And Lord I just give you the Praise, Honor and Glory. You got an ark, You had an ark for Noah. You’ll have an ark for Your children for…(she starts praying in heavenly tongues).,For You’re a God that promises to deliver, You’re a God that promises to save. How can this bring you Praise, Honor and Glory if we just die and show the enemy that Goliath can slay a David anytime he wants. So I thank You for placing the Living Rock in our hands, I thank You YAHUSHUA HaMashiach it’ll be You that slays these evil men. For they think they come against mere Christians and Messianic Jews and those that call out to You, but they do not realize that they stand against the God of creation, you Father God YAHUVEH, You YAHUSHUA HaMashiach and You precious Ruach Ha Kodesh the Spirit of the living God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.”,http://www.almightywind.com/rapture/whatif.htm,http://www.amightywind.com/bridegroom/yahushua.htm

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