My Vision The Fall of Sammo21001_Bruce Griffin


The enemies started making videos against Sammo21001. When they did, he made a deal with them and they took down their videos about him….now he says he forgives them and loves them as brothers and sisters in Christ. But what were they before they made videos against him – he knew them to be satanists persecuting believers…now he calls them brothers/sisters just because they stopped persecuting him alone…but he doesn’t seem to care as before about how they slander and persecute others. Selfishness and pride that goes before a fall — Scripture, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Pr. 16:18 , – YAHSservant007 video with footage about Sammo21001 mentioned in my video,From Prophet Elisabeth Elijah: “To the Sammos of the world: If you cannot stand up to ridicule and persecution for standing up for the Truth on you tube, what will you do in the Great Tribulation? You will also betray YAHUSHUA in the Great Tribulation. You’re a coward now over videos about you, what will you do when Government passes laws to worship the anti christ and orders people to worship him in a Sunday Church? What will you do Sammo if you’re not brave now, do you think you will be brave enough to lay your head on a chopping block for refusing to deny YAHUSHUA and for not worshiping satan, the one we call the anti christ and, receiving the mark of the beast? I am mocked now also but you don’t see me betraying people I know live Holy, who preach in 25 languages to worship YAHUSHUA, accept HIM as God, Saviour, obey YAHUSHUA, live Holy, rebuke the devil and all evil and this is the lesson which YAHUSHUA says must be taught!”,Amen! May those of you who belong to YAHUSHUA never betray HIM as Sammo21001 has done.

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