Prophecy 93 False Prophets of Baal by StandupforYAH03


Originally Published on Apr 1, 2017 by StandupforYAH03 (thanks beloveds of YAH) ,Shabbat Shalom another blessed sermon beloveds of YAHUSHUA. May you be filled the precious RUAH ha KODESH as you listen to YAH’s Prophecy 93. There is no time to waste, now is the time to get right with YAH for time is running short beloved children of YAH who hears HIS voice.,To contact Amightywind please write here:,,Here is the prophecy: ,,Prophecy 93:,2008 & Beyond will be a War like None Other Against the False Prophets of Ba’al!,Written/Spoken under the Anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH),Through Apostle & Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu),December 26, 2007,Excerpt: ,”…Where are the Holy, holding these prophets who prophesied accountable? Where are the Holy? And calling it what it is, and it is a lie? Not even the one that I speak forth now knows the date that YAHUSHUA comes. For I said that I would send the Holy angels to tell you right before HE comes.,Live each day as though it were your last. Make sure no sin is found in you. Take it to the Cross at Calvary for only the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA can wash it away. Only through THE SHED BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA & THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA can you start a new day. Watch and wait. But away with the date setters. Close your ears. Are you not tired of the pain yet?,I AM releasing Revelations (as I set Elisabeth [Elisheva] aside) and the Secrets that have been locked in starting with Ezekiel 9. For I tell you this, it shall be Secrets & Revelations. For she is that scribe. And judgment starts at the house who claims to be of YAHUVEH sin is to know what is right and still continue to do wrong. I come for a Bride without spot or wrinkle (see Eph 5:25-27) YAHUSHUA speaks it forth again and again….”,

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