AMIGHTYWIND – soldiersofthecross CRIMINALS, PROVE you’re not!


gossipersofthecross John and Sheren, busybodies, slanderers that invent evil. Knowing that those who do such things deserve death according to the Bible, Romans 1:28-32, but are even proud of what they do. They have NO ministry and not even a teaching anymore as they dedicate tens of video’s to ongoing nonsense and gossip from the goats of satan. Being backed up by satanist Zachary Lailey who has blasphemed the Holy Spirit for all to see and is proud of it (while his “friends” still claim he can be saved) and liars like lacybunny who spends all of her time now counseling the lukewarm and attacking the Holy Ones of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.nn,nn,YAHUSHUA’s Truthseekers, we do this for you. Stay tuned for YAHUSHUA has asked us to feed HIS Sheep and Lambs, therefore this video is not one of my favorites for it is basically a waste of time on exposing stupidity.nn,nn,John and Sheren are reprobate, and have been given over to a reprobate mind. Again, read Romans 1:28-32. They invent evil and are proud of it, they say “we have the victory through Christ!” while they crucify HIM afresh. They are right when they say, “NO TURNING BACK”, for there is NO TURNING BACK for them anymore to renew them unto repentance and salvation. They will continue to fight Holiness and preach lawlessness and deceive and being deceived until they die and go to Hell. Do not blame me, this is what the Bible teaches that you claim to believe in.nn,nn,Concerning ex web manager Chuck Wilson, and a rebuttal to old news (lies) that the enemies seek to dig up and use it against this Ministry. We have nothing to hide, the Truth and rebuttal is out here:nn,nn,,nn,YAHUSHUA’s TRUTHSEEKERS, visit us at or and be blessed in YAHUSHUA Our MASHIACH’s Name. nn,nn,~YAHSservant777

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