Prophecy 131 Donald Trump Victory And Presidency Prophesied 2018


God has Raised up Donald Trump for This Time and Hour!,June 29, 2016,,AmightyWind Prophecy 131 Received June 29 – Released July 9, 2016,,God has Raised up Donald Trump for This Time and Hour!,June 29, 2016,[…] (Ps 94:20-23) —but I’ve raised up Donald Trump, who values the sanctity of life. And it is his desire, and I have given him this desire: To wash that blood off the hands! To change… laws…To give the rights back to the states!,Elisheva, I changed your heart!,You only saw him where curse words filled his mouth. You saw him where he is a man that worships the material things of this world. But then as I showed you in a dream, the Prophecies he would come and he would read—and I Am drawing him even now as you speak!,To bow his knee to Me!,—I, Yahushua—,For although others look at him [negatively]and before you told the prayer intercessors to pray for him, you too—only saw the filth that comes out of his mouth—but I Am raising him up and I Am using a man who doesn’t know righteousness yet. And yet I’ve put the desire in him for righteousness (Mt 5:6)!,[…],Pray for Donald Trump! To do all that he can! To wash the blood out of the White House!,[…],I’ve changed his heart during all this time—as he went before the people, as he genuinely cares about the people— Yahushua say, I’m washing his heart, I’m cleansing his heart! He hasn’t totally surrendered to Me. But remember the mandate I give this Ministry:,Start Praying!,[…],,—,Introducing AmightyWind’s New Male Leadership,,Apostle Ezra’s Testimony,,This is Elisheva Eliyahu. We are now equally yoked in leadership and love, where there was only an illusion of a male co-leader before. Both Ezra and I put the HOLY TRINITY first above all else. We thank everyone who supports the new leadership announcement!,Apostle, Prophet Ezra is the male covering of the Ministry and me, and my true soul mate, the love of my life. He took the place of a reprobate who is now nothing, except for a distant memory, paul hellem reprobate, thief , liar, abuser, ex husband who never really was a husband! Ezra walks in the mantle of an Apostle and Prophet and never shies away from good old fashioned hard work for the Kingdom of Heaven nor shies away from the Anointing!,Hebrew Salvation Prayer,,Amazing Soulmate Prophecy, Poem & Dedication of Love ,,AmightyWind Crossing the Red Sea Prophecy,,On March 7th 2016 on what I thought would be the darkest day of my life, instead was the day I first day spoke to Ezra.,See blessed video – Two Anointings Become One,, In just three months, little did we know, Abba Yah would appoint him to the male leadership role of AmightyWind to replace the reprobate old. HalleluYah!,Subscribe to yahsladynred for 1000+ videos

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