Eclipse, the darness


Please visit or To read the Prophecies spoken through Prophet Elisheva. Reaching this world in 25 different languages. ,This Prophetic Warning spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. The proof behind this Prophetic Warning is what happend after the May 20th 2012 Solar Eclipse. Demons were unleashed just like the Prophecy said they would and we seen zombie like attacks in miami and other places around the world. Prophecies are being fullfilled before our very eyes. ,This is a Prophecy Excerpt from Prophecy 36 “I Am Not Only Your God Of Yesterday, Today, But Tomorrow, Even In The Darkest Hour!” ,”The Darkness that is about to descend on various parts of the earth will unleash demons in all directions. The eclipse that is coming in the sky also is a sign that evil battles the good. Satan, YAHUSHUA and MY angels are battling and I have placed that sign in the sky. There is a foreboding in the spiritual realm even those that do not acknowledge ME as Almighty God and bow to other foreign gods know that this eclipse is like none other. Satan will place in man’s mind the idea to conquer and to rob, steal, destroy in a greater magnitude. ,Satan will unleash the spirit of war on MY Children to a greater degree. You have been warned. Say not that “I AM” did not warn you. Fear not, just call upon ME and I shall deliver you by MY ALMIGHTY HAND! But I shall only protect those that are covered in MY Son’s shed Blood. There is only one remission for sin, one Blood that is Holy and pure that can wash the stench of sin away. No one is perfect; all must be covered in the Holy Saving Blood of YAHUSHUA, the only way to MY throne of grace. The coming months will only get worse in the eyes of the world but for MY babies that lay in the palm of MY hand I shall shelter and protect them with MY other hand. ,Strive not or worry not, be anxious for nothing, lean not unto thy own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge ME, pray to ME, seek ME, love ME, obey ME and I shall not disappoint MY faithful ones who do this. Hide under the shelter of MY wings till this evil passes over. Put the Blood of YAHUSHUA on your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Place it on your doors and windows so the demons cannot enter in. Speak it in faith and then hold on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA’s garment, his robe of righteousness and don’t let go. The darkness of man’s soul shall be represented in the eclipse, the darkness of the sin covering the land, the darkness where MY light is not welcome. Oh I will grieve for what I have to do, yet it has been pre-ordained, pre-told, you have been forewarned if you study MY WORD.”,,There is another Prophecy from Amightywind Ministry that warns of the coming zombies in the Great Tribulation. Prophecy 21 “Are You Ready For A Shock? Gabriel Has Blown His Horn!” Go to this link and watch the video about the Prophetic Warnings concerning zombies in the Great Tribulation:,Anoint your homes, apartments, wherever you live. Stand and believe on Psalms 91 that YAHUVEH will protect you as long as you are living Holy and obediant to Him. Put the whole Ephesians 6 armour and pray against the darkness from hell being unleashed.,AMIGHTYWIND.COM MINISTRY LORD GOD YAHUVEH YAHWEH YAHUWAH YAHUSHUA MASHIACH YESHUA YAHSHUA MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT RUACH HA KODESH APOSTLE PROPHET ELISABETH ELIJAH YAHSLADYNRED END TIME WARNING PROPHECY GREAT TRIBULATION BOOK OF REVELATION JUDGMENT ZOMBIES DEMONS FALLEN ANGELS SOLAR ECLIPSE NOVEMBER 3RD 2013 ,Salvation Prayer:,YAHUSHUA (יהושוע), a Hebrew Name, is the original Name of JESUS. We are still saved in the Name JESUS but the antichrist will use the name Jesus Christ for himself IN THE TRIBULATION, so learn YAHUSHUA’s NAME for then.,Amightywind Ministries:,,African site:,Chinese site:,Polish:,Spanish site:,Hebrew page:,Norwegian page:,…..More languages:,Proof behind the Prophecies:,Elisabeth Elijah’s (yahsladynred on YouTube) testimony:,,If you are blessed by this video and other Amightywind Prophecy video’s please favor this video (to help warn and spread the Good News in YAH’s Holy Prophecies) and subscribe to me and YAHSladynred .

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