Prove It or Admit You LIED! Childofyahvh’s 10 Top Lies Exposed!


Originally Uploaded by YAHSservant007 on Aug 29, 2011,Prove it, or admit you LIED! — 10 Lies about Elisabeth Elijah, spoken by childofyahvh Barbara and fed by enemies of YAH’S Amightywind Ministry EXPOSED and Refuted. In this video we show you a Textbook case of a mind programmed individual who allowed herself to be recruited by infiltrators like (false)pastorgeorgec and his henchmen for youtube popularity and favour from a wolf pack out to fulfill an evil agenda and steal souls through a false Christianity (watch video entitled “New Age infiltration EXPOSED” on my channel to understand). ,We discuss and reprove 10 lies this mind programmed lukewarm Christian speaks against Apostle and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. Lies, statements and insinuations spoken by childofyahvh Barbara about Elisabeth Elijah to which there is absolutely NO proof. This is done for the purpose of slandering Elisabeth Elijah and assassinating her character in an attempt to “kill” AmightyWind Ministry. For taking on Elisabeth Elijah in videos, this Judas lying woman who helps infiltrators masquerading as Christians to slander and hurt Elisabeth Elijah received rewards from pastorgeorgec including a dinner with him and a webcam. She was programmed by infiltrators to turn against Elisabeth and assigned to continuously make slanderous lying videos against her. Today this will NO LONGER continue without this Judas being exposed, rebuked and reproved and all will be able to see what a pretender and a liar she is. This woman calls herself a prophet yet is full of gobbledygook and deceit, and is nothing more than a New Ager just like our enemies who have infiltrated the Christian community with New Age philosophy which they call “Christianity”. BE NOT DECEIVED.,This video is also filled with Biblical teachings concerning true Biblical Love, the Ten Commandments, Sin, Righteousness and Judgment, when to rebuke in the Name of YAHUSHUA, why to reprove and expose evil etc,If you love the truth you will love this video.,For the Glory, Praise and Honor of YAHUVEH/YAHWEH GOD, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit),Sylvester aka yahsservant007,* * * * * * *,Many of the lies discussed and reproved in this video originated from pastorgeorgec, who like I said is the very mind programmer of childofyahvh Barbara. Please watch also this video… to understand more about Pastorgeorgec and his purpose of operating on the internet.,* * * * * * *,Keywords:,textbook mind control case recruitment programming infiltrators deceivers lies childofyahvh barbara pastorgeorgec revealed exposed truth new age false prophecy judas wolfpack new world order agents antichrist dark jesus demons spirits illuminati freemasonry teachings Bible GOD YAHUVEH YAHWEH YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ Holy Spirit end time prophetic ministry AMIGHTYWIND prophet Elisabeth Elijah revelation Heaven Hell lord gospel

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