Amightywind Prophecy 123 – Devastation is Coming, Devastation is Here

0,New Year 2014 Prophecy 123 given to Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, Devastation is Coming! Devastation is Here! Super Typhoon/Hurricane Haiyan, Yolanda,Hebrew Messianic Pentecostal Ministry AmightyWind.,[Thanks to all the beloved brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA / JESUS CHRIST who contributed to this video],PROPHECY EXCERPT:,[…] Look not at the devastation for I am in the storm, I am in the hurricane, I will do whatever it takes for MY rage is more immense than you can conceive. MY Name is blasphemed. MY beloved Son’s Name is blasphemed. The RUACH HA KODESH, MY sweet, sweet precious HOLY SPIRIT, as you say, is blasphemed.,This is just a sample of MY fury! This is just a sample of MY rage. I warn you, and I warn you, and I warn you, devastation is coming. I give you Prophecy after Prophecy and warn that devastation is coming. Am I not a YAH who does keep HIS word? This is just a sample, wait until the whole world rages! Wait until the volcanoes erupt like a chain reaction.,You want to mock ME!? You want to call that which is an obamanation as tolerable, as something to do, they throw the holiness back in MY face! I have said that MY Word warns, prophecy after prophecy I have spoken forth, DEVASTATION IS COMING! What part don’t you understand?,I am a GOD that demands holiness. Do not think you can just get away with a prayer. Do not think that you can just say, oh, but GOD is just love. I AM IN THAT HURRICANE! I AM IN THAT FLOOD! I AM IN THAT TORNADO! I AM IN THE BLIZZARDS! So this is a sample of the devastation that is coming.,Do not just look at the devastation, but also focus on the miracles I shall do at the same time, because for those that are holy, even if they live on the same land, you are hidden under the shelter of MY Wings. MY Holy angels shall protect you. I will provide for your needs.,I use this ministry to reach Asia, you cannot conceive how many have come to their knees and bowed their heads and confess YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH. You cannot conceive how I use this ministry and all the different tongues (languages) and more on the way, so when devastation comes, they know who to look to, they know who to cry out to and MY Hand is upon them and lovingly I hold them. […],Praise ME in the midst of the storms, for those who are MINE are in the palm of MY Hands. Those that belong to YAHUSHUA are in the palm of HIS Hand.,Written/Spoken under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Ruach ha Kodesh through Apostle Prophet Elisabeth Elijah ,November 9, 2013,,African site: ,Chinese site:,Polish site: ,Spanish site: ,Hebrew page:,Norwegian page:,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony,See More Proof behind the Prophecies here: ,

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