The Lost Books of the Bible (RedSmoky aka Cranem Borage EXPOSED)


Discussing RedSmoky’s (aka Cranem Borage) psychological mumbo jumbo and great blasphemies. This man is under YAHUVEH GOD’s Judgment, BIG time. Yet so-called “christians” are almost praising him into Heaven. The more his lies are revealed, the more those that defend, encourage and fellowship with a reprobate like RedSmoky/Cranem Borage, are held accountable.,This video includes a VERY important teaching about the Lost Books of the Bible, and I talk about the Nazi propaganda style of those with whom RedSmoky aka Cranem Borage is associated and operates for to sabotage/destroy Holy Ministries.,Those that love the Truth, YAHUSHUA’s Truth Seekers will be blessed. ,In HIS Name,,~YAHSservant777

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