Attention all parents! GOD is warning- Protect your children!


Originally Published on Sep 2, 2012 by 4YAHsGlory (thanks beloved daughter),All Praise, Honour & Glory to ABBA YAHUVEH (Father God), YAHUSHUA / Jesus Christ and IMMAYAH (Holy Spirit),This video contains excerpts of various Holy Prophecies given to Prophet and Pastor Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) at Amightywind Ministry warning about the danger of movies, music, books and games children are exposed to which is endangering their souls!!,Attention all parents! This is VERY serious! Your children are exposed daily to satanism, shamanism and witchcraft every day – through what they watch; what they hear, what they read and the games they play. Satan has infiltrated your children’s “entertainment” in order to turn them away from Holiness and obedience to GOD / YAH and instead turn these innocent ones toward him and his evil wicked ways. Beware! Satan wants to take your child’s soul to hell and the lake of fire!!!,God has given all parents a mandate of protecting your child. Not only physically but spiritually. You will be held accountable for allowing your children to be taken over by satan through movies, music, books and games you deem as harmless!,Repent now and forbid your children to be exposed to this evil any longer!,Have you accepted YAHUSHUA MASHIACH / JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Saviour? Link to salvation prayer:,,This video contains prophecy excerpts only. Full prophecies can be found at (links below):,,,,,,Excerpts:,Are you listening to your children’s music? Do you really think it’s harmless? They have been demonized through music. You have not protected your children; violence and rebellion are pounded in your children daily.,Are you paying attention to the games? Those are inventions from Hell. Are you paying attention to the television programs they watch? The horror movies they attend that only hardens their heart to murder and violence. Till at last satan has them see a real murder on the news and they say so what, no big deal. Rebellion against the parents and in America the laws of this land say it’s wrong to spank your children.

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