Halloween is evil! Parents, YAHUVEH (GOD) Will Hold You Accountable!


Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by T2Todd2/Lawkeeper101 on Oct 29, 2010,YAHUVEH will hold you accountable, parents for allowing the little innocent ones to partake in satan’s day, Halloween (Helloween). YAHUVEH finds no glory in this day but it rather kindles more and more of HIS wrath. HE loves the little children but HE gave the parents a choice and they chose to allow demons to inhabit their little ones because partook in this ungodly celebration of the dead. ,Do not say, well YAHUVEH’s doesn’t care. Isn’t HIS ways higher than your ways and HIS thoughts higher than you thoughts. But HE has revealed much of HIS thoughts in HIS Holy Word! Study and Show yourself approved!!,Why will I allow these innocents to be harmed in this way, where their very soul will be endangered? Because I gave the parents a choice, even the heathens know better, for they know that children are not to have occult powers. They realize that witchcraft is a sin and yet your own airwaves promote this, even to the children through sitcoms. Do you boycott the television stations or boycott the advertisers? NO, you remain silent and warn no one. Does not MY Word say, ‘Suffer a witch to be burned in hell and the Lake of Fire,’ they shall burn after they die if they do not repent. Oh MY foolish ones this is the penalty you shall pay. ,They shall burn in hell and the Lake of Fire after they die, if they do not repent. Oh MY foolish ones. This is the penalty you shall pay for taking your children to the Harry Potter film, they shall become possessed. They shall turn on you in rebellion, in ways you never dreamed of. For these are your own innocent children, who relied on you to teach them right from wrong, yet you encourage them to view and study witchcraft, satanism, shamanism, demonism, in what you deem is a harmless movie or in harmless books full of humor and yet feeding them this diet of evil, knowing it is evil and laughing at this evil. How can you call yourselves parents? ,Parents protect MY innocent children. Their minds are so pliable and instead of good being planted, you allow this evil Harry Potter to plant evil in your children’s minds, bodies, spirits, and souls, as they seek these demonic powers and yes multitudes will receive this power. What you laugh about is a reality. There are some who are possessed with demons that can take on some of these evil powers and the power is not only in MY Holy Word but also the evil ones know that there is power in demonic chants and words. These words and deeds you will find in the Harry Potter books and films. Parents you are responsible for feeding your children food, both physical and spiritual food. You don’t feed your children poison, so why would you allow satan to feed your children poison? Poison to your soul and your children’s mind, body, spirit and soul. ,Satan mocks and laughs at you parents, as you lift the spoon to feed your children’s souls this evil. It is more evil than before, in any film, or in any of the children’s books. There is a spell cast on all by this evil reprobate worker of satan, who takes pride in her unholy acts of witchcraft. Evil spells have been cast on all her writings and the film has evil spells that causes anyone to watch to think wouldn’t this be wonderful, if I had this kind of power? This opens one up to the mind-controlling, mind-manipulating, mind-altering, power hungry, anti-christ spirit. Walk-in spirits will easily walk in to all those that open up this door to their mind, body spirit and soul. There have been spells, chants and incantations put on the books and film and all that comes forth from anything to do with Harry Potter, to cause a hunger for more knowledge of the occult and a hunger to rebel and spells to mock I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA and all that is holy and to accept what I, YAHUVEH, have called unholy. To accept what MY Holy Scriptures forbid. ,Your children are paying and will pay a price, for you foolish parents have allowed this evil into your homes, and allowed this evil into their ears and allowed them to view it with their eyes. Shame on all who do these atrocities and call themselves MINE. Repent today and turn away from this evil or don’t call yourself MINE anymore for I won’t even know you. Be warned, do you not yet understand? Pray and discern whether this be truth and whether it lines up with MY Holy Scriptures. If it does not, then don’t listen to this apostle’s warnings that I am speaking through her now. Encouraging your children to read and watch films glorifying the occult is an abomination unto I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA! Listen up, learn and discern.,Tags: yahsladynred Prophet Elisabeth Elijah,________________,amightywind.com almightywind.com amightywind almightywind yahsladynred Prophet Elisabeth Elijah

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