tjbrook88 blasphemes the Holy Spirit – BE NOT DECEIVED

0,BEWARE – tjbrook88 is blaspheming the Holy Spirit and deceiving others to do the same! This video is a short and simple teaching that debunks the blasphemous lie that tjbrook88 promotes, as she says we worship “the jezebel spirit”. ,IMPORTANT – watch the below video to see proof that the Holy Spirit is referred to as SHE in Hebrew.,Whose image was Eve made in?,,Believing the Holy Spirit is feminine does not mean someone is worshiping jezebel! Study and show yourself approved. tjbrook88 is purposely lying and misrepresenting what this Ministry teaches to deceive people to repeat her lies. Souls are at stake. tjbrook88 DARES to call the SHKHINYAH Glory which means “dwelling place of YAH” a ‘demon’ (!) For some reason she abhors the Jewishness of the Messiah YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH / Jesus Christ and is twisting everything around this Ministry teaches to make people believe we condemn anyone who uses the Name of Jesus Christ. Do not listen to this Jezebel. Study this video and see how tjbrook88 is recruiting for satan.

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