He Wants it all (amightywind cover) Mirror


Originally Published on Feb 23, 2013 by StandupforYAH03 (thanks beloved),Happy Purim beloveds!!,This is a cover to ‘He wants it all’ by forever jones.,We pray that you are will all be blessed this purim as we approach YAHUVEH’s throne.,YAH Bless 😀 to them that are HIS! ,salvation prayer vid,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83i1SKNM18,YAHUSHUA (יהושוע), a Hebrew Name, is the original Name of JESUS. We are still saved in the Name JESUS but the antichrist will use the name Jesus Christ for himself IN THE TRIBULATION, so learn YAHUSHUA’s NAME for then.,Amightywind Ministry is Holy GOD’S Ministry, not named by a man or a woman. Please check the website and Prophecies http://amightywind.com or http://almightywind.com,African site: http://www.africaforyahushua.com/ ,Chinese site: http://www.amightywind.com/chinese/chineseindex.htm ,Polish site: http://www.amightywind-proroctwa.com/polishwebsite/polishindex.htm ,Spanish site: http://www.amightywind.com/spanish/spanishindex.htm ,Hebrew page: http://www.amightywind.com/Hebrew.html,Norwegian page: http://amightywind.com/norwegian.html,Proof behind the prophecies:,http://www.amightywind.com/prophecyp/proofbhprophecies.html,Elisabeth Elijah’s (Elisheva Eliyahu) testimony http://www.amightywind.com/elisabeth/whoisese.htm

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