Amightywind Poem – Reservations for Heaven or hell


Mirrored video originally uploaded by TrustYAH777 on Jan 24, 2010nn,(thanks son) nn,nn,,nn, or ALMIGHTYWIND.comnn,nn,excerpt: The road to Salvation is so narrownn,nn,and it takes faith to travel this road!nn,nn,So many dangers along this road,nn,nn,yet we have FAITHnn,nn,in the one who maintains the road.nn,nn,He will PROTECT, and GUIDE us!nn,nn,He will safely get us to our Heavenly Home!nn,nn,The maintainer of this road is YAHUSHUA Messiah and his Holy Spirit!nn,nn,All because we made him LORD, RULER of our lives!nn,nn,The road to Damnation is so broad!nn,nn,It’s easy to travel on this road and it takes NO faith at all.nn,nn,We can travel at any speed!nn,nn,We can run over the other cars!…..nn,nn,”anyone that is sharing these prophecies must include the links on the side bar and insert it in the video tonn, nn,nn,hell heaven salvation good evil car wreck satan yahuveh yahushua music citzen in song bible elijah jesus christ cross dove poem

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