Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by T2Todd2 on Aug 17, 2010,(thanks son) ,,You Are MY Hidden Treasure, You are MY Hidden Weapon ,given to Prophecy Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) under the anointing of the Ruach ha Kodesh March 14, 1997,,MY Dearest Children, you are like a hidden treasure, you are like a hidden quiver of arrows, when they only see a bow. I will use you to speak mightily and you shall do what your sister is doing, warning of the coming judgment. You also are a watchman on the tower. Watch for the signs in the sky as Elijah did, for you shall be warned and then pass that warning unto others. MY Children, I have anointed you to share the gifts I have given you. You have not had the confidence to do so, the way I have anointed you to do it. But this day I have ordained, you have met with MY handmaiden and her gifts and yours have become one. You have stirred up one another gifts. Think this not an accident, for you are one in MY Spirit.,The footsteps of the Godly are ordained by YAHUVEH. Keep following MY footsteps and lead others unto ME. Follow MY footsteps and lead others to the tree at Calvary. Follow MY footsteps and lead others to the gates of heaven. I have taught you, not man. I have ordained you, not man. You are MY hidden treasure, MY hidden weapon and I will begin using you mightily in these end times, and do not be deceived they are the end times. But not the end for MY Children, for them it is a wondrous new beginning.,A homecoming is going to take place and look at all MY Children gathered around the banquet table. Yes, MY Sons and Daughters, you will be gathered around that banquet table sooner than you know or think. First start gathering in the harvest, for it is so great and the laborers are so few. The mocking grows louder as I hear ministers who used to preach MY Gospel now preach their own gospel. They call themselves gods. I will prove to them who God YAHUVEH is. They will regret ever teaching this for many have gone astray from this lie. Many have died and were surprised they did not meet ME; instead the evil one is what they see. But be not deceived for I am not easily mocked. Many lies are being told by those spiritual leaders you once could trust. They will be held accountable for what they know. They preached rebellion and labeled it gospel. I tell you they shall pay in a mighty way. For they call ME Father and don’t even know who I am. But not you MY Son’s and Daughters. Not the ones who recognize MY voice from the prophetic messages I have given MY handmaiden. MY sheep will know MY voice., gospel salvation heaven hell Yahushua Yahshua Jesus Christ Great Tribulation Yahweh Yahuveh prophecy prophet prophetess amightywind almightywind yahsladynred Elisabeth Elijah

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