Jerusalem at night


Apostle Ezra records a quick clip of the Western Wall at night. ,According to Jewish tradition, the Western Wall is the holiest place on earth, and it is never more holy than on the holiest day of the week, Shabbat (Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset). This is where the Holy Temple once stood. ,Shabbat at the Western Wall is often described as a memorable and blessed experience. At sunset on Friday, thousands of Jews gather to welcome the Sabbath. Soldiers in uniform with rifles on their backs dance with men in long black coats and teenagers with backpacks. The divisions of Israeli society are not as polarizing here, where Jews of all beliefs and backgrounds join together in joy and prayer.,Tourists from all over the world converge on the Western Wall. They come to watch the prayers from afar, or to touch the stones and place a note in the cracks between them.

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