Demonically Inspired Nehemiah Center_ RahabtheJerichonite’s demon speaks!

0,A solid example is given in this video of how members of pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc’s Nehemiah Center present to you a watered down, corrupted and lawless New Age message that they call “the good news” (gospel) in which their true message is; ,1# ALL must unite (new world order). [uniting good with evil],2# There is not supposed to be spoken out against evil. ,3# No repentance of sin is needed. ,4# Let’s all trample upon Jesus’ Blood.,5# Throw out the Commandments!,6# Do whatever you want.,As a matter of fact in the example that we give you of RahabtheJerichonite presenting her version of “the good news” repentance of sins is not even mentioned! ,We show you the demon that is manifesting on RahabtheJerichonite’s throat and what the real message is that demon is speaking forth through RahabtheJerichonite’s lips.,Next to this, this video is designed to WAKE UP those that have fallen into a deep spiritual sleep because of listening to the lies of these reprobate lawless ones. YAHUVEH’s WRATH is about to be poured out on this earth, and instead of warning people to repent of their sins the Nehemiah Center keep them in a spiritual coma by presenting to them a watered down, lawless, New Age gobbledygook message that will sooth any itchy ears of the insincere and (sad to say) some of the babes of YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) who are not grounded in the Bible and/or are partaking in sins they need deliverance from. This video is to WAKE YOU UP! The people part of pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc’s Nehemiah Center whom are also exposed in this video; gruurk2, redsmoky aka Jehad4Jesus, freddymack1000, missbonzaibonnie, crosswayokc, rahabthejerichonite, sanderclarijs777 aka Sander Clarijs, liftaloft, nephtali1981, thekathleenbean aka wisdomhunter93 aka abandoned2god, donny71954, mlove4christ, savedbyjesusblood and violetkitty411 are running around “blessing” the vilest of people, guaranteeing them Jesus and heaven… making videos saying “it’s not about what you do, it’s what he (Jesus) did!” They refuse to speak out against sin and proclaim “all the hate in the world cannot stop the love of Jesus Christ!” They are LIARS and are sent by the devil for your soul! They refuse to mention the WRATH of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) as the Great Tribulation is only a breath away! They are waiting for Jesus alright, but it’s not the Jesus of the Bible. It is that lawless one, the son of perdition the antichrist that the Bible predicted would come. The Nehemiah Center worship and serve a lawless dark Jesus who is none other than the devil. COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM!,This video is a CALL FOR REPENTANCE from YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) for those that have been partaking in the lies of these people. We show you the price YAHUSHUA has paid for you to set you FREE from sin, NOT to yoke you to the devil and his liars! This is what the Nehemiah Center want you to believe! That you can just unite ANYBODY in the name of Jesus! This is meant to CORRUPT the true body of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and for them to steal souls, leading them to Hell.,If you love the Truth, WATCH THIS VIDEO and ask GOD for spiritual eyes and ears!,~YAHSservant777

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