AMIGHTYWIND COM Responses to several people AND ZACH EXPOSED – Part 1

0 – www.almightywind.comnn,nn,Part 1 of a video response to several people including “redbonesmkia” and his buddy “mr runningwolf” who try to stop the truth from being spoken forth. As they are deleting all the comments and do anything they can do to hide these video’s, they can not stop us from spreading the truth and going after YAHUSHUA (Jesus’) little sheep and lambs which they seek to lead astray as they are satanic plants. The young man named Zach will be called to the stand and be exposed. Stay tuned as they cannot stop what the Most High YAHUVEH has ordained from Heaven.nn,nn,Shalom to all the ones that seek the Truth. nn, and www.almightywind.comnn,nn,Check it out and taste the good fruit of this Ministry

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