Open Vision Description of hell – Please WARN OTHERS_ Full Version


Mirrored video originally uploaded by native0083 on Oct 3, 2011nn,- thanks son! nn,nn,If you are not saved please see: nn, nn,Salvation prayer: “Come to YAHUSHUA Today” nn,nn,Apart from the grace of God revealed through YAHUSHUA/JESUS our Lord the only thing left for you is the wrath and fierce anger of God, because of your rebellion and your sin. Time is running out, REPENT before its too late.nn,nn,God loves you so much and doesnt want you to spend eternity seperated from Him in hell and the lake of fire. He sent His Son YAHUSHUA/JESUS to die on a cross to save us from His wrath. This Prophetic Vision of Hell called ‘the citizen in hell’ song was given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah March 9th of 1992. This Ministry is sent to the last chancers, so this could be your last chance. Accept YAHUSHUA as your Saviour and repent of your sins BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!nn,nn,This is the most UGLY and frightening song you will ever hear! If it doesn’t scare you then its because you’re SAVED or you’re REPROBATE! To record this song I had to pay a great price, it nearly cost me my life as I got a glimpse of what Hell was like for eight hours. As I heard a song sung in Hell RIGHT NOW by a fallen Man, a preacher that never came back to the saving grace of YAHUSHUA Messiah. After this song was finished, and I had a glimpse of HELL through the vision the Holy Ghost let me see while writing it…nn,nn,I had a NEW vision and my voice you will hear return to normal, but excited, as I saw millions of souls coming to YAHUSHUA for they wouldn’t have come any other way! Except through fear! Like Jude 1 says! Some cometh by FEAR! Pastors accuse me of scaring souls into Heaven, and YAHUSHUA said to me, “As long as they get there is all that matters”.nn,nn,I saw a naked man covered in flaming worms that cannot Die! He turned to me and heaved a deep sigh as flames surrounded him and he sung this song in an emotionless voice! A voice that held NO emotion only the pain and torment he was in! Flaming WORMS that looked like Snakes! were crawling in and OUT of EVERY OPENING OF HIS BODY! His EYES, EARS,NOSE, FRONT, REAR, I repeat EVERY OPENING! without getting graphically gross here! nn,nn,The screams yet echo in my mind as I am writing this down! The rich man in the bible who went to HELL told God if he would just send a man back from HELL to warn others his brothers of the torment in Hell they would not want to come there, they would live differently! But God said even if he sent someone back from HELL, few would listen and take the warning seriously! Few would believe! In this end time how many has the LORD allowed to see Heaven and Hell to be brought back to life to tell of the Horror! nn,nn,Dr. Eby is one of them. Dr. Maurice Rawlings is another! And now Rev. Sherrie Elijah who praise GOD I didn’t have to die but in a vision so real! its like I know the man and grieve for that man! I met in this vision is warning you now, those who mock and laugh at YAHUSHUA hear the lyrics of this song and although I can’t give it all to you, know this if you MOCK and LAUGH again this was your LAST CHANCE! For your heart is hardened and God said this song was the LAST CHANCER’S Last Chance! If this does NOT scare you NOTHING will until you Taste HELL for yourself and then its too late!nn,nn,At the end of this song the LORD gave me a new vision, if you hear the tape you would hear the excitement in my voice as the LORD showed me MILLIONS of souls coming to HEAVEN that would NOT have been there if they had NOT of heard this song, or the lyrics of this song!nn,nn,I pray Dear Holy Spirit in YAHUSHUA’s Name, let NO ONE reading this go to HELL. Compel them to come NOW and say the salvation prayer and then confess it before others and let me know by emailing me so I also can know that someone is listening to this warning. Holy Spirit as the song is anointed I am counting on you to anoint this page also with your convicting power and save souls so no one reading this or saying the salvation prayer will become CITIZENS IN HELL! Instead let US rejoice as their names are written in the Lambs Book of Life and they decide to be CITIZENS IN HEAVEN! For those of you still NOT convinced READ ON. But beware this may be YOUR last Chance! nn,nn,The Bible says the Holy Spirit will NOT always strive with man. Today is the day of Salvation, tomorrow may be too late. There is hardly anyone in HELL that is NOT praying to GOD for mercy. But there is NO more mercy! Your Reservation is being made now while you yet live…will it be Heaven or Hell? Its your Choice!!!! Recently we have sent this song to someone to get to Carman the singer, to see if he will record it. YAHUSHUA has promised when he hears it he will want to record it and millions of souls will be saved. Please Christians WARN THE LOST! Before they become CITIZENS IN HELL!!! WARN the LOST SHEEP!

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