We Are To Be Salt To The World Sermon by StandupforYAH03


Originally Published on Feb 20, 2016 by StandupforYAH03,(thanks beloveds of YAH:),http://www.amightywind.com,http://www.almightywind.com,”Shabbat Shalom Truth Seekers!! YAHUSHUA Bless you all today as you listen to this sermon in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s name! Those who have ears let him hear and those who have eyes let them see. For all Praise Honor and Glory belongs to ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the Precious RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT). Praise YAHUVEH! Shalom to you and may you have a blessed day in YAHUSHUA! Much Love in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH from us at Amightywind!!”,Amightywind Prophecy 36 is read and you can read it also at: ,http://amightywind.com/prophecy/proph36.htm,Here is an excerpt: ,”…Seek the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the God of Israel while I can yet be found. I am speaking not in a loud voice to your Spirits but a still small voice for those that care enough to incline their ears to ME and strain you shall hear ME speak. Is it worth it to you to care enough to lean closer to ME as I whisper MY instructions to you? Is it worth it when MY RUACH ha KODESH says to fast, you are to fast to be able to hear ME more clearly?,Oh MY Little Ones, how I long to cradle you in MY arms yet you shun MY very touch. For MY touch is Holy and for ME to touch you convicts you. So I must touch you in a way I would rather not, like a Father spanking a child I shall get your attention one way or another. But those who trust in ME, those who long for MY touch, I shall shelter you and protect you. I shall cradle you in MY arms and nurse you like a mother nursing a wounded child. I tell you MY beloved the coming days shall not be a thing to dread as long as you keep your faith in the God you worship, love, serve, and strive to obey. I shall not leave nor forsake you! Do not fear man instead fear the God you serve. If you are not listening for MY voice you shall miss your directions…..”

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