Fast & Furious _ Joel 2 Fasting & Prayer _ GOD is Furious


Prophet Elisabeth Elijah Call to Fast:nn,URGENT fast needed of 1-3 days.- the enemies are calling a fast to harm me and AMW altho Barbara lies says not reason. it all started with demonic ditzy fritzy calling a curse on AMW Ministry saying he felt sorry for us there are no signs wonders miracles in AMW. He asked our enemies to fast with him. LOL right, in truth devil knows AMW is full of miracles, salvation reports in 25 languages, healing. why would we tell our enemies who try to defile every word we write or speak the miracles YAHUSHUA does. So we know their fast is only to harm me and all in AMW Ministry. Please if your health permits, if you’re not underweight, or struggle with anorexia today I need u to join with others who are fasting so the weapons of our enemies will only return to their own faces hasten YAHS judgement on them in the Name of YAHUSHUA.nn, nn,Remember to keep this in prayer if you can’t fast — agree in prayer with us that YAH will silence HIS enemies of Amightywind however HE chooses to.nn,nn,YAHUVEH has asked us to call this fast because the enemies of YAH’S Amightywind Ministry have joined with the satanists and atheists to attack the Ministry and we need reinforcements! We are calling the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH to come forth and join us! We are calling all those who are spiritually strong and able to we need you stand in the front lines with us and not be intimidated by the enemies to make videos on youtube saying what Amightywind Ministry means to you.

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