AMIGHTYWIND COM – Pt2 – Prophecy 116 – WARNING FOR 2010!


Prophecy 116 – You Must Be Faith Water Walkers! (Pt2 of 2),,,A Prophecy given to Apostle/Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah by YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (Hebrew for JESUS CHRIST) under the anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT).,In this Prophecy, YAHUVEH GOD warns believers in YAHUSHUA MASHIACH to prepare for the days ahead. HE tells them to use their faith and that in 2010 many will start to get the message. YAHUVEH has already started to shake this world in HIS Wrath and it will only intensify. HE is angry at the sinners who refuse to repent. To be safe from HIS Wrath, you must turn from your sins and follow YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. HE is a HOLY and JUST GOD and must punish this world for its wickedness. Come unto YAHUSHUA MASHIACH and follow HIS commands and you will be saved. Do not allow the riches of this world to seduce you into a false sense of security. The only True Peace and Safety is found in the Shed BLOOD of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. Do not trust in the things of this world or any person but YAHUSHUA to save you (John 14:6). Those who are friends of this world have set themselves as enemies of GOD YAHUVEH whether they realize it or not (James 4:4).,In the Prophecy, YAHUVEH says, “And this Word is different than the others for I have already proved it as I shake this world in MY wrath on this day of Judgment!… I’m shaking this world in MY wrath!… My ears have been opened in a special way, again Elisabeth you have spoken this when you have prayed. It is as if you could hear a needle drop, for this has been a special day for all those who observe Yom Kippur as I saw you repent of anything that did not please ME. As every petition of your prayers was taken to ME at the same time MY rage shook the earth.” HIS rage truly shook the earth on the day (9-30-09) this Prophecy was given to Apostle Elisabeth. There was an earthquake measuring 7.6 that struck Indonesia:,,,2933,557662,00.html

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