As a thousand years Song


Mirrored video originally uploaded by YAHSLittleOne on Dec 4, 2011,and used with permission by her (thanks beloved sis),As a Thousand Years by Paul Wilbur,Thank you beloved son Reuven0725 for your beautiful animation of YAHUSHUA/JESUS in Heaven! May YAH’S Children be blessed by this video!,As A Thousand Years Lyrics ,One day is as a thousand years a thousand years a day ,The coming of the KING draws near — ,Get ready prepare the way,One day soon HE’LL call us to gather at HIS side,The world will see YAHUSHUA standing by HIS bride,Refrain: ,Before two thousand years HE came,A baby born of god’s grace,HIS mission clear and single,Our sin all to erase,His father’s will HE followed in glory and in pain,The third day death defeated when in power,HE rose again!,HE rose again!,HE promised to return one day as WARRIOR, KING and GROOM,to lead HIS congregation to end the world of gloom ,True peace HE will establish in the hearts of those who wait,Maranatha YAHUSHUA come right through Heaven’s gate,HE rose…,HE rose again!,JESUS YAHUSHUA YAHSHUA YAHWEH YAHUVEH GOD RUACH HA KODESH HOLY SPIRIT HOLINESS SALVATION TRUTH GOSPEL LORD PROPHECY AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND PROPHET ELISABETH ELIJAH YAHSLADYNRED STUDY LEARN GROW HEBREW JEWISH PASTOR PREACHING MESSIAH MASHIACH GRADE MINISTRY TEACH SAVIOR SAVIOUR

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