AMIGHTYWIND COM – Message to YAH’s Enemies

0 – www.almightywind.comnn,nn,Woe unto those that bless evil, for by blessing them they have made themselves to be partakers of their works. YAHUSHUA did teach us to bless our enemies, but did not teach us to bless HIS enemies. HE did teach us to not only greet the ones we love, but in HIS Word (II John) we are being taught that if we greet the ones who bring a different doctrine, bringing in heresy that destroys souls (in this case satanists that lead to a different shepherd) we are partakers in their works. We are not even allowed to greet them, how much less should we bless them. A spirit of foolishness and stupidity has penetrated the minds of the disobedient, for if they would rebuke the false ones they would have to admit that they would have to repent themselves of their unfruitful works of disobedience and lukewarmness. Read in Acts 5 how Ananias and his wife dropped dead, did the Apostle bless them? They called themselves by the name of the Messiah, but lied to HIM and became HIS enemies. YAHUSHUA MASHIACH called the pharisees and sadducees “brood of vipers” and asked them “how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?” Did HE bless them? Should we as HIS followers? Are we to do different than Our Master? Or even worse, should we bless these that fleece and torture HIS flock and guide them into the arms of a different shepherd (the devil himself)??? nn,nn,Woe unto the pretenders, who call HIM Lord but do not do the things HE says. One day HE will say to you “depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity and lawlessness” for I never knew you.nn,nn,May YAH help you

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