fake pastor’s Voodoo Papa (pt 2 of cw)


egotistical lying maniac crosswayokc exposed for what he is – just warming up.nn,nn,According to crosswayokc’s FALSE logic… John 1:1 is a polytheistic verse because it says that JESUS is GOD but is also with GOD and John 3:16 teaches JESUS is a created being because it calls HIM the Begotten Son of GOD and Acts 17:23 is proof the Apostle Paul was a pagan because he quoted a pagan poet to make a valid point. He also considers the phrases “Son of GOD” and “Son of YAH” to be satanic.nn,nn,The devil is a LIAR and so is crosswayokc.nn,nn,The truth is crosswayokc is an occultist who worships his “horned god” and, yes, that has a double meaning.

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