Mirrored testimony video Originally uploaded by Chos3n23 on Oct 15, 2011nn,(thanks son) nn,nn,YAH has gotten me this far. This is all for the Praise, Honor And Glory To YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA Ha MASHIACH & The Precious RUACH Ha KODESH.nn,nn,Without ABBA YAHUVEH I am NOTHING. I Love Him SO much & words cannot explain how much all He was done for me in my life. All He has shown me through His Ministry AMW. I am just so thankful. nn,nn,One thing I would like to make clear. When I say ” set apart” I mean that AMW Is a Ministry that is set apart. I did not mean for me individually but also believe that those truly set apart follow YAHUVEH in SPIRIT & IN TRUTH! I hope that made sense lol. AMW has helped me understand what ” set apart” means. Much love in YAHUSHUA!nn,nn,Alive CHRIST YAHUSHUA JESUS TESTIMONY Life love joy peace truth amightywind almightywind Ministry end times last days death blessings

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