Infiltration within Christian community revealed! – New Age agenda exposed

0,This is a very important video excerpt, for you to understand why infiltrators within the Christian community like tjbrook88 are continuously harming AmightyWind Ministry and pastor Elisabeth Elijah with slanderous lies, yet in one way or the other make excuses for fellowshipping with certain out of the closet satanists and atheists who have blasphemed openly the Holy Spirit and bragged about it: teaching others to do the same. Please pay close attention so you will not be deceived by the diabolical agenda that is being carried out by tjbrook88 and others linked to infiltrator pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc. They are targeting genuine Ministries and ministers for character assassination, slander and defamation. Their goal is to try to condition Christians to sin and to fear speaking out against sin. AmightyWind Ministry rebukes sin and teaches true Biblical repentance next to faith in YAHUSHUA/Jesus our Lord. This is why we are a danger to their New Age agenda.,To view full video:,

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