Daddy GOD, A Song of Deliverance for the Abused & Brokenhearted


Mirrored video originally uploaded by Reuven0725 on Dec 30, 2010 (thanks son) he wrote: nn,nn,DADDY GOD IS A SONG sung by my Spiritual Mom Pastor/Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah FOR THE BROKENHEARTED SUFFERING ABUSED SICK DEPRESSED IN NEED OF GOD TAKING VENGEANCE ON THE ENEMIES THAT PERSECUTE. YAHUSHUA/JESUS wants this song heard so it can be the anointed Song/ prayers of others who need deliverance.nn,nn,This is her Youtube account:,nn,Elisabeth writes “when I sung this song under the anointing while praying and speaking in tongues, I was crying and praying at the same time. To the enemies that will mock my voice, it is not easy to pray, sing and cry at the same time, now I am humbled further by YAHUSHUA so others including my worse enemies can hear the anointed words to DADDY GOD YAHUVEH/YAHWEH in the Name of YAHUSHUA/JESUS. I pray ABBA YAH sets the captives free from all our enemies Quickly. I pray The anonted tears I shed combine with the tears of others especially the True Bride of YAHUSHUA who obey YAHUSHUA and are praying for YAH to deliver them from the hand of the enemies in such a way, all will know YAH delivers, protects, blesses all who cry out to him in the name of YAHUSHUA while weeping, praying, singing this anointed song. I know deliverance will come to many needing deliverance and YAH’S protection, and to who it applies to YAH will take vengeance on your enemies. GOD will cause the enemies to go running away in 7 different directions as YAH casts forth HIS lightning and scatters them, Shoots forth HIS arrows to destroy them, as YAH sends HIS hand from above and rids us and delivers us from the hand of the enemies and that includes our worse enemy who is satan!” nn,nn,PSALM 56nn,nn,. Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me. nn,nn,If your depressed or you know someone depressed this is a unusual song I sang it weeping, tears pouring down my cheeks as anointed PRAYER AND SONG came forth from my lips the HOLY SPIRIT put in my mouth what my soul was feeling. When I sung this song it was in secret to my DADDY GOD and I sung it years ago as a WEEPING VIOLENTLY ABUSED, BROKEN HEARTED WOMAN, trapped in a cruel marriage since a underage teenager, in need of YAH to deliver me from a man and marriage that was hell on earth, I needed deliverance from the hand of a husband satan used to abuse, defile me in all ways who tried to kill me many times since I was a young teenager I knew his obsession with me but never love. My prayer is you will post this song on your channel and help others who are suffering struggling with abuse of mind, body, Spirit or soul as people suffer in various ways, as satan uses even familes to inflict much pain. Even a child can be given this song who is abused by someone. nn,nn,Please share this anointed song with your friends, strangers, loved ones, anyone who struggles with feeling of helpless, hopeless, depression, loneliness, unanswered prayers and they have waited so long they feel like the faith they have is as a grain of mustard seed that YAH will take vengeance on the enemies that persecute them without any mercy. Please care more about others and less about the YT enemies that threaten intimidate people not to post AmightyWind videos please stop help stop the cycle of abuse on Youtube it begins with You. When you listen to it GOD will hold you accountable if you let fear stop you from using this song to help others. If your a muscian and feel led to write music to this song that will fit the words of a weeping woman in prayer please write me. The enemy redsmoky mocked me and posted my copyright song that has been at our website for 16 yrs and without permission put it on his channel. He did a strange thing though he played the guitar with it and made the guitar sound like it was weeping. If anyone wants to see what I am talking about I copied the video and will share it with you if your really interested in helping to make anointed music to go with the words. Please don’t volunteer if you are not born again follower of YAHUSHUA.nn,nn,YAHUSHUA wants people to Share this with others who need deliverance from all forms of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual pain. Send this to People who are sick, dying, unemployed, martial woes, battered women of violence, rape, sexual abuse, falsely accused, feeling suicidal, overwhelmed with lifes problems. YAHUSHUA has said there is healing delivering anointing ressurection power in the words of this Song given to me by the HOLY SPIRIT. I am now free of the abuse, marital violence I was was forced to live with and at the same time keep it a secret as I ministered to other peoples pain binding up their wounds as Pastor/Prophet to people all over the world in the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH/JESUS

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