AMIGHTYWIND MINISTRY Prophecy 91 John Hagee, You Are Doomed, saith I, YAHUVEH! (and evil Preachers)


please visit Amightywind at and,—–,Amightywind and Almightywind Ministry we are a Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Ministry reaching souls for the True Gospel of YAHUSHUA Ha MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST in over 25 languages worldwide.,—–,YAHUSHUA (יהושע), a Hebrew Name, is the original Name of JESUS. We are still saved in the Name JESUS but the antichrist will use the name Jesus Christ for himself IN THE TRIBULATION, so learn YAHUSHUA’s NAME for then.,—–,Originally uploaded by YTForYAHUSHUA) Prophecy given to prophet Elisabeth Elijah from the mouth of YAHUVEH (YAHWEH),excerpts from Prophecy 91,Do not weep for ME, MY Daughter. Be not deceived MY Daughter for I am not easily mocked. Weep for John Hagee. Do you not see MY Daughter? I told you as you and your husband were out in that tent on the 27th of September 2007 [Sukkot]. I told you, you heard MY footsteps and I told you I was walking this earth in a form you would not recognize. One after another, those who say they represent ME, those who say they represent YAHUSHUA, those who say they are filled with the RUACH ha KODESH and they have no part of US! OUR Spirit is nowhere near them. ,John Hagee, you are fit for the fire of MY destruction! You deny MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as MESSIAH! You’re lining your pockets with gold for fame and for fortune. You sold your soul for it was determined long ago. John Hagee, I Prophesy through MY Ringmaiden now, you are doomed! For you not only lie to the Christians, a mammoth church worldwide, you deny MY Son YAHUSHUA to the Jews knowing not even the children of satan could remove what was written above the stake where YAHUSHUA was crucified, “KING OF THE JEWS!!!” ,John Hagee You are Doomed,You are so puffed up in pride. Do you think you hide your wickedness from ME? You shall choke on your own words! For you have the spirit of the antichrist! You tell the Jews there’s another yet to come. You prepare them for the one that comes as a counterfeit, the son of satan! You John Hagee are doomed! For you shall not only fall into the very bowels of hell but the Lake of Fire shall swallow you! You are a traitor! You are a Judas! As you betrayed ME before, you betray ME again! I Prophesy you John Hagee, are doomed!,Juanita Bynum,You, Juanita Bynum you think you’re so beautiful. But when I look at you, you make ME want to puke! Your stench reaches all the way to Heaven along with John Hagee’s. You, all of you, including Benny Hinn, satan fills all of you! I Prophesied through this Handmaiden, “Every Ministry Named After Man Shall Fall!” I gave you time to repent and yet none of you have. You sold your soul to satan and you, Juanita Bynum, you fill the women’s hearts with the spirit of lust with your talk. You set an example that is nothing but shame. You are a shame to MY Name!,I am using this ministry to judge those who think that they have been promoted, I will use this ministry under MY Anointing, to pull you down from the pedestals you have placed yourself upon and I shall bury you underneath them. You, Juanita Bynum, you are a whore in MY eyes!!! You are all I despise, I not only just speak of you, I say this to all those who do secret sins and preach one way to Heaven and yet their own spirits will never enter in. John Hagee, Juanita Bynum, Benny Hinn, Ron Howard, Rodney Howard-Browne, you are doomed.,Oral Roberts, sitting so high in the prayer tower. You build a, ‘Tower of Babylon,’ but it is I that shall tear it down! You now worship gold and silver. Beware of any pastor who once preached MY true Word and now preaches the word of prosperity all over the world to be heard. ,Oral Roberts Tower,MY HOLY WIND, MY SPIRIT, the Precious RUACH ha KODESH, is sweeping this land! In less than a minute, I walked to and fro’, with MY own eyes I beheld on Sukkot. It is not that I am blind, I saw it from Heaven, but I wanted to walk this earth and so I, YAHUVEH, did this on the 27th. ,You Jew’s on the days of Sukkot, so full of pride, “My sukkot is better than your sukkot. My food is better than yours. I read the Torah longer than you.” All of you lost focus. Only a remnant few built their sukkots and they were the humblest and they truly touched MY heart for they didn’t do it as a ritual; they didn’t do it out of pride. And those that touched MY heart, looked for YAHUSHUA those nights. I have MY Messianic Jews, some of the very Bride of YAHUSHUA sits in Jerusalem and they touched MY heart. I’m not angry at those that watched for MY Son, waited and grieved for it was not the time to come. I’m angry at those who only did this Holy Day as a ritual.

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