IMPORTANT: This video is made by YAHSservant777, NOT by yahsladynred. If anybody has a problem with this videos or the words spoken, then take that problem to YAHSservant777 for it is his words and video. nn,nn,This video is a response to a man who came out of the woodworks and seeks to be the popular guy amongst the enemies of AmightyWind Ministry. He made a denigrating video in which he scoffed and mocked at Elisabeth Elijah the Pastor of AmightyWind Ministry. His video testified against him, as his lack of knowledge concerning the Holy Scriptures became obvious, altogether with his hate for women and despise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This man who is proud of being a native american sorcerer (SHAMAN), and claims to mix that in with his christian beliefs, wants to teach us about Prophets, Prophecy and the gifts of the Holy Spirit like Holy tongues. But it became obvious in his video that he knows NOTHING about these things, does not know the Bible and holds New Age “prophecies” in high regards. nn,nn,This video response is filled with spiritual meat as we not only expose this Shaman for the liar he is, but we present to you teachings about Prophets, Prophecy and the Holy Gift of Speaking in tongues. Truth Seekers, we pray you are once again blessed by this video. All praise Honor and Glory to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH (Jesus Christ), and the RUACH ha KODESH. nn,nn,~YAHSservant777

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