Population control Dream given to yahsladynred aka end-time Prophet Elisabeth Elijah


Originally Published on Nov 23, 2012 by YAHSwatchman97 (Thanks beloved brother),Population Control Dream,Given to Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia,Sept. 26, 2011,Salvation video:,http://www.amightywind.com/salvation/salvation.htm,Amightywind:,http://www.amightywind.com,http://www.almightywind.com,Holy Prophecies:,http://www.amightywind.com/prophecy,When my beloved friend YAH’SLittleOne told me this goes along with a movie and what they had originally done. There was a town and it was a huge city. I never really noticed the different people all around me until I went to the post office. The post office had two sets of stairs, a left and a right one. On the right one they were very steep stairs. They were specially designed stairs to test people to see how agile they are. I didn’t know it had anything to do with your youth. It had to do mainly about your health and your agility. They were also designed in such a way — it was really weird because I noticed the women and I even had on in the dream, really short mini skirts, where when the women would go up the stairs of course people could see what was underneath their skirts. I saw these two sets of stairs and I had to go into the post office and I said, “I am not going on those right set of stairs,” not only for the reason that I knew that it was for voyeurism, lust but also I looked at them and I knew there’s no way I’m putting my body through that. They were really weird shaped stairs, ok, not something that I have seen but so steep and the stairs were so far apart.,So I chose the ones on the left and when I started going up the stairs on the left, my gosh those were even hard but at least I knew that I could do it in such a way that they were closer together so the woman isn’t spreading her legs out so far to go up the stairs. So I get into the post office and I’m out of breath and I go up to the woman teller and I said, “What is with these stairs? I almost didn’t make it in. How can anyone be expected to use these stairs like this? What do you do with older people? ” And she started laughing hysterically. She had dark hair. She was maybe like 25, something like that, no older than 30. I don’t think she was 30. And she was just laughing hysterically at me like she’d gone nuts! And I said, “Well what’s so funny about it?” And she said, “There are no old people! Haven’t you seen? No one here is to retirement age,” and retirement age is early. And I realized this population that I was surrounded with in the city, they were all young! Every woman wore mini skirts and they were all young and then she said, “And now we know that you can’t make it either.” In other words, that I was older and I would be disappearing also. ,When I awoke — that was the end of the dream, except I thought how sad it was that nobody would ever know a grandma or a grandpa. There was a cut off age where people would just disappear. They’ll be no old people! They’ll be nobody who can’t do those stairs and the stairs to me means it is all tied in with lust also. ,So this is a new way they’re going to be doing population control and I woke up and I called YAHSLittleOne and I told her as I’m so sleep and I said this is what my dream was and I was shocked and she said, “This sounds like a movie I just saw about Ellis Island and it’s a true story, when the immigrants were brought over and they were tested. One of their tests was to see if they could go up and down stairs, to see how healthy they are to see their age. I said, “What happens to the immigrants that didn’t pass?” And she said she didn’t know. I said, “No, I never even heard of such a thing.” ,Well, that a new way governments going to be … don’t have to worry about the health care bill, they’re pretty much going to do away with anybody who isn’t agile, isn’t fit and they were all the same size in this huge city surrounded, I don’t know if it was like New York or what it was. Man, there were so many people though when I was walking through crowds so it’s a huge city that I was in and they were all the same size — I don’t want to say they were all the same size. The women just looked alike and they all wore very short skirts. Even though in the dream I wore a very short skirt I wasn’t going to do that other side of the stairs and I really knew I couldn’t do the other side of the stairs anymore. I could have but I would have been pushing it and I wasn’t about to. ,Is that what the G.T. (Great Tribulation) is going to be like? I don’t know. I don’t know what this dream was but it’s not anything to look forward to in the future.

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