WARNING – This is the most controversial prophecy released thru thus far.nn,nn,If you study and show your self approved as the Bible says to do, you will find that NOTHING in the Scriptures contradicts this prophecy. In the New Testament the pronoun (he/she/it) for HOLY SPIRIT was mistranslated from Greek as “HE” instead of the correct “SHE” as proven by Hebrew/Aramaic language, texts and the Old Testament Manuscripts where the HOLY SPIRIT is clearly referred to as a SHE.nn,nn,Except for the mistranslated ”he”, ALL of Scripture (Old & New Testament) on the HOLY SPIRIT shows SHE is a (distinctly female) Divine mother figure as YAHUVEH is Divine Father and YAHUSHUA is Divine Son (both distinctly male). There is also additional evidence in extra-Biblical texts (especially Wisdom literature), Early Church history, Jewish culture, and basic gender roles as designed by God.nn,nn,please check back here link to playlist will be added within the weeknn,incl undeniable Prophecy proofs etc.nn,nn,nn,You have permission to use this video unless your purpose is to mock/slander ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, RUACH HA KODESH, the Amightywind Ministry, Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah Nikomia etc. If you decide to use (download/upload) this video, you must link to and in the description box and make them tags as well.

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