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Published on Aug 1, 2012 by brideofYAHUSHUA123 (thanks beloved daughter),Prophecy 25 America, MY Hand Is Set Against You!,Spoken to this vessel of clay,under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH to ApostleSherrie Elijah, December 2, 1998,”Destruction and weeping is coming. Yet MY Bride that is waiting for ME, YAHUSHUA will not allow satan to touch. Hang on to your faith, depending on your faith is how much I your God, will protect you. Hear the screams. Look over the land and you will see destruction as far as you can see but not for MY Children, not MY babies, not MY Bride. I shall hide you under MY wings. You must walk by faith and not by sight. If you think its hard now to walk by faith and not by sight, how much harder will it be for those who must taste MY wrath? , Oh MY Babies, Oh MY Bride, I am coming to bring you home by MY side. You shall not walk in destruction, MY Babies, MY Bride. You who are ready, waiting and living Holy, I will bring you home. The ones who are not ready, waiting, and living Holy, you shall see destruction on this coming day. I send forth this handmaiden with fresh manna from heaven this day. There will be others who will digest this manna, for they are already waiting, living for ME. They have their peace within ME. , Beware those of you who mock and say I will not come. There are those who think America will always win. This country America is not pleasing to ME. Victory for you will not be seen. Your country and your leadership, I hold MY nose. The stench rises to Heaven. The stench of your immorality. The stench of your politics. The stench of your greed. The stench of hypocrisy. The stench of your religious system. America, you say “IN GOD WE TRUST,” but you don’t serve a God. At least, the Heathens serve a god, though it be FALSE, they know they must have a god! , Though the primitives carve a tree and call it a god, at least they know they need to honor a Creator, though it be false. They only know they must have a god to answer to for what is right and wrong. To acknowledge creation you must have a Creator. Whether it be Mohammed, Buddha, Allah, the list goes on, at least the heathen countries acknowledge and serve a god, even though it be FALSE! I will have more mercy on them, than America. , America, you curse MY Name! You ban it from your schools and government. Your Political leaders use it for sympathy, but not for Power. Your Political leaders use it for manipulation, but not to worship and they do not teach to obey the God of all Creation! You only call upon ME when it serves your purposes. You disrespect the Holy Days and do abominations on these Holy Days.Your stench America, reaches Heaven and I hold MY nose and you make ME ashamed, for once you were MINE, now you belong to satan and play his hellish games. , You have sold your birthright that which was holy and your forefathers did acknowledge ME and even they sinned against ME. Yet, I had mercy on this country that was set apart for MY glory, and yet how long ago did the Star Spangled Banner bring ME Glory? America, you are a STENCH in MY nostrils. You have betrayed your Creator I, YAHUVEH, look upon you and sneer for you think you are a god…”,Salvation page and prayer with videos,,Holy Prophecies from GOD given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (YAHSLADYNRED): , ,,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony,Norwegian page:,African site: ,Chinese site: ,Polish site: ,Spanish site: ,Hebrew page:,Proof behind the prophecies:,

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